Soda Springs, ID Kaboom Video Contest Winner

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Mon, 07/03/2017 - 10:13am
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Soda Springs Kaboom Video Contest Winner

SODA SPRINGS, Idaho (KIFI/KIDK) - The new Soda Springs all-access playground, geared toward kids with disabilities, is one step closer to raising all the money needed to start building. 

It recently received a $20,000 grant from the company Kaboom!, who partnered with Dr. Pepper and Snapple to award the money. They only give out five grants a year. Soda Springs was one of the lucky five applicants from all around the U.S.

A requirement for the grant was that each applicant had to submit a video. The videos had to show a need for the grant and it had to be creative. So Soda Springs got creative and decided to take a more "futuristic" approach with their theme.

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