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We at Play and Playground magazine are looking forward to great and exciting 2018. We are focusing our advertising packages around the web to give you the most exposure for the best value.

In 2017, we replaced the Enhanced Ad within the directory with the Professional Spotlight. This year, we are improving that to allow ultra affordable listings for playground professionals, non-profits and play affiliates globally. Beyond the free directory listing, the Enhanced and Deluxe Spotlights are visible within category and pages, that relate, such as Play Structures, Surfacing, etc, which means potentially thousands more impressions. As an advertiser, you would get these benefits included. For a small additional fee, spotlights can be sponsored to appear at the top of each pertinent category page.  We want this to be the most comprehensive online directory for schools, parks & rec depts, and parents across the US and beyond.  

Our Ad package prices provide more visibility for the same or lower price than last year. The web version of the magazine gets as much traffic as the issuu version, so we’ve bundled web and magazine ads. These also bring impressions from our daily posts. We have three leaderboard slots on our weekly newsletter which could be added to a bundle.

2017 was a restructuring year, and we are ready to reap the benefits in 2018.


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