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Guaranteed Ways to Acquire Playground Funding

Mon, 06/13/2016 - 3:04pm
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Have you ever dreamed about creating an amazing playground in your community? This is a tough nut to crack in today’s down-trending economic environment. For many of us, getting the necessary funding to achieve our playground dreams may seem impossible. But there are programs and funding options available right now that can turn this dream into a reality.

Are you excited about this amazing opportunity? Learn more about playground funding options by reading the valuable information that we will share with you below. We have an action plan here.

Option #1: Online Fundraising

Crowdfunding has taken the Internet world by storm. This method of online fundraising is the perfect way to gather the necessary financing to make your community playground a reality. Plus, it’s a fantastic way to bring the community together while supporting one another in the pursuit of this monumental achievement.

Plumfund is the ideal site to create a crowdfunding campaign. Sure, there are numerous crowdfunding websites online, but none of them stack up to the value provided by the founders and staff of this excellent website.

Investing in skate parks and playgrounds are great projects for the community. Gathering funding often provides a serious challenge. Plumfund makes it easier than the rest of the crowdfunding websites by providing their services for free. There are no hidden fees and all funds raised can be used toward the development and construction of the community skate park or playground.

Option #2: Contract Purchasing

Contract purchasing is another way to go to help gain funding for your community playground. All of the contracts are national government procurement services. And they are used to establish contracts that are competitively priced for valuable services and goods.

Most important of all, this service does not cost anything and it’s very easy to use. The main eligibility requirements are that only nonprofit 501c and taxed based agencies can complete the registration process.

Option #3: Leasing

When all else fails, leasing playground equipment is certainly a viable option and one that you should seriously consider if nothing else has panned out so far. Certain companies can provide financing opportunities by leasing equipment to local childcare centers, schools, and communities. 

Leasing is an excellent choice because it often involves a purchasing agreement once the leasing contract runs out. The company will offer you the opportunity to purchase the playground equipment that you already have installed and in place in your local community, school or another venue.


As you can see, there are a number of wonderful playground funding options available to your community. Give one or more a try and see where they lead you. You’ll have a brand-new public or private playground ready in no time at all.


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