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Pet’s Name(s):
Gus & Quincy (Labs), Rory (Mutt/Gremlin)
7, 7, & 4
Favorite/Funniest Quirk:
They all love chasing the vacuum cleaner!
Favorite Treat:
Ice cubes, dog biscuits, green beans, anything raw...Quincy & Gus are indiscriminate eaters (typical Labs!) while Rory is a little more selective. 
Best Trick:
Gus helps out with recycling by shredding paper bags and boxes for us, Quincy rings a bell to go outside, and Rory is an expert at shaking hands.
What I love about my pet(s):
They are each other's best friends; if you separate them, they howl and are generally miserable until they're reunited. They make me smile every day and I can't imagine life without them.

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