fbpx Sun International's Sun City Resort Teams with Whitewater West Industries for Integration of Two New Slides

Sun International's Sun City Resort Teams with Whitewater West Industries for Integration of Two New Slides

Wed, 07/06/2016 - 4:37pm
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Sun City Resort by Sun International in South Africa lead the way as one of the world’s first WhiteWater Surf Wave pools. Now almost 25 years later the beautiful resort’s waterpark, Valley of Waves, unveils two new slides including a Boomerango waterslide which plunges from an 18 meter tower. The Boomerango was the first phase of a two part expansion project with the second phase recently opened to the public. Phase two of the project provides even more thrills with an AquaLoop descending from the same tower as the Boomerango. Guests will bravely climb into the launch capsule towering nearly six stories high to enjoy this exhilarating looping ride.

"As the leaders in the industry and suppliers to the original waterpark, we re-engaged with the WhiteWater team to re-establish the link and provide further exhilarating rides, increasing the product offering at the resort. The slides we selected certainly proved very attractive at the Wild Waters Waterpark at the Wild Coast Sun, another family destination resort by Sun International,” comments Anton Steenkamp, Development Manager, Sun International.

Newly integrated waterslides driving repeat visitation to Valley of Waves waterpark

The view as guest climb the high tower will showcase the beautiful park and lush forest that surrounds the resort and look down upon the original 6,500 square meter Surf Wave Pool below. The waterslide tower is unique in that it is themed to be camouflaged within the natural landscape using themed stone and rope to disguise the steel structure. The colours of the waterslides aim to do the same with the Boomerango a light brown and the AquaLoop a translucent ivory and opaque beige.

“The Boomerango slide has been extremely well received, with clients returning to experience the ride on a frequent basis. The introduction of the Aqualoop will provide that additional adventure that will have guests returning even more,” continues Steenkamp.

Whitewater West new slide

Hotel waterparks keep guests on-site longer and boost guest satisfaction

Waterparks are an excellent feature to add to a hotel or resort. Incorporating a destination attraction within a hotel not only attracts a wide range of clientele to your waterpark, especially families, but it increases the staying power of the resort, keeping guests on-site. Without these grand amenities, families may seek entertainment outside the hotel and will therefore take their spending elsewhere. Sun City Resort is an excellent example where they have brought wonderful experiences right to their guests through a myriad of amenities within the resort including the waterpark, two golf courses, shops, a casino and much more.

“We are thrilled to continue our strong relationship with Sun International and The Valley of Waves Waterpark. We had a tight timeline for execution of the project and the whole WhiteWater team was able to pull together to deliver what I feel is a phenomenal result. The natural slide colors combined with excellent theming result in a ride that is second to none in terms of appearance. The ride experience delivers great thrills with the trademark Boomerango sensation of weightless followed by big g-force is the reason the Boomerango is my favorite ride!” explains Grant Poje, Executive Vice President EMEAR, WhiteWater.

About the Valley of Waves Waterpark

The waterpark is not exclusive to resort guests, which creates a valuable local amenity which has made the Valley of Waves water park Sun City’s legendary hub for all kinds of water fun. Offering family-friendly water activities that appeal to adventurers of all ages, there is something for everyone at this iconic Sun City water park. Both day visitors and Sun City Resort guests are invited to enjoy a full day of exciting activities. The main attraction at Valley of Waves is the Roaring Lagoon – a 6 500 square metre wave pool with hydraulic mechanisms that generate waves of nearly 2 metres high every 90 seconds.

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