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Wed, 12/12/2018 - 11:44am
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Community Collaboration Delivers Dream Parks in Grand Prairie, Texas

At 80,000 square-feet, Epic Waters Indoor Waterpark is not your typical “parks and rec” project. Partly funded by the people of Grand Prairie, Texas, the facility truly lives up to its name by featuring an impressive retractable roof with an 83-feet high cupola to house the tallest indoor AquaLoop in the United States.

Epic Waters is home to many firsts, including the first indoor Boomerango-Constrictor fusion slide and the first two-person inner tube AquaSphere in North America

Part of the larger EpicCentral destination that also features an incredible multipurpose center and an inclusive playground, Epic Waters is Dallas-Fort Worth’s newest water park. Since it’s opening earlier this year, the park has received many accolades including, most recently, a World Waterpark Associations’ Leading Edge Award, which is awarded to parks for creativity in the development of new themes, programs, services, or products in the water attractions industry. 

WhiteWater was honored to be a part of this EPIC and ground-breaking project for the city of Grand Prairie. The chance to contribute to the success of this partnership between the public and private sectors has been a rewarding experience for the entire WhiteWater team.

“We cannot say enough about the line-up of vendors behind this development, it has been a true collaboration between all of us and the city to create a dream park we hope Grand Prairie can be proud of for decades to come,” said Steve Brinkel, WhiteWater’s President of Parks and Recreation Division.

WhiteWater’s contribution to Epic Waters was a carefully chosen assortment of water slides and attractions, designed to not just excite and entertain, but to appeal to a wide group of guests. The range of products provide opportunities for families to really connect by having fun together, across generations, engaging and delighting toddlers, teenagers, and parents alike. “When we design a park, we look at what would make a comprehensive ride mix based on how people play. It’s more than just products, it’s about creating an overall solution that is right for the community and how they will use it,” continued Brinkel.

Part of that solution is ensuring that citizens enjoy a happy and safe day out at the park, which is why WhiteWater is always committed to safety. All of WhiteWater’s slides go through computer-generated ride simulations as well as on-site testing before commissioning to ensure the safest rides possible. We also work with our customers to ensure that they understand safety parameters and have the information they need to properly train staff and educate guests, so they ride properly. 

After safety, comes the fun. We know that there is more than one way to play which is something that WhiteWater’s team of experts keep in mind when developing new products. It was important to have something for all of the ways in which people play, which is why Epic Waters ticks all of the boxes. From the competitive atmosphere on the E Racers mat racers to the challenge of surfing on the FlowRider Double, Epic Waters’ water slides and attractions have something for everyone. 

This is a visionary project of a scale not seen in decades in the U.S. for a community aquatic facility development. "Grand Prairie is generating a lot of interest in our industry, a lot of other cities and recreation departments are looking at this project with admiration. This development will set a new standard of what a community development can be, with the right plan, team, and, most of all, vision for the community," commented Brinkel. 

The final result for Epic Waters is a ‘parks and rec’ facility on par with any private water park in the United States. “We make these rides for the biggest brands in the world, the fact that Grand Prairie has them in their community is pretty exciting. We knew that when Epic Waters opened, it would, based on our experience, prove to be a big draw for the city, and a big benefit as well, and we are so pleased to see that it has exceeded everyone’s expectations,” concluded Brinkel.

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