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SpectraTurf Unveils Two New Surfacing Options

Tue, 10/01/2019 - 9:39am
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Loose rubber mulch on a playground

Corona, CA (October 2019) - SpectraTurf, the creator of premier Playground Safety Surfacing for outdoor recreation areas, announces the launch of two new products designed to address the problems caused by wood or wood fiber mulch used in playground areas and trails. SpectraTurf’s Loose Rubber Mulch and Bonded Rubber Mulch products answer the market call for safer, more durable, environmentally-friendly surface options for playground equipment areas and walking paths.

To date, SpectraTurf has installed millions of square feet of playground and recreational surfacing. These two new products offer some of the same benefits of safety and durability, but uniquely use recycled rubber material and are more cost-effective than other playground safety surface systems.  

SpectraTurf’s Loose Rubber Mulch combines the cost-effectiveness of mulch with the safety features of rubber. SpectraTurf’s Loose Rubber Mulch requires up to 50% less material than wood mulch to qualify as a playground safety surface protecting children from injuries incurred on playgrounds such as falls. Unlike wood mulch which breaks down into dirt and dust, SpectraTurf’s Loose Rubber Mulch does not rot or decay. This creates a cleaner play environment and minimizes the need to replenish mulched areas with fresh material each year. SpectraTurf’s Loose Rubber Mulch conforms to ADA requirements. 

SpectraTurf’s Bonded Rubber Mulch outperforms wood mulch in shock-absorption, durability, and accessibility. SpectraTurf’s Bonded Rubber Mulch makes exploring outdoor trails and walkways accessible for everyone, meeting ASTM F1951 requirements for accessibility, while also providing the anti-fatigue benefits of rubber. This product does not break down or get displaced with use, making it a superior surface for trails, walkways, and permanent landscaped areas. 

“We wanted to provide a solution for those looking for a material to protect children at play and others enjoying the outdoors that didn’t offer the more contemporary design features available in our other rubber playground safety surfacing like SpectraPour or SpectraBound Tile,” states Lisa Anderson, General Manager at SpectraTurf. “SpectraTurf’s Bonded Rubber Mulch and Loose Rubber Mulch are just two more ways we are constantly innovating to meet the needs of municipalities, schools, hotels, businesses, and anyone looking to create a beautiful and safe outdoor recreation area.”

SpectraTurf’s Loose Rubber Mulch Details:

  • One-layer loose-fill system of 100% recycled materials
  • Available in 5 colors (colors can be mixed)
  • Conforms to ADA requirements
  • IPEMA Certified
  • Meets ASTM F1292 requirements for use under and around playground equipment
  • Meets ASTM F1951 requirements for accessibility under and around playground equipment
  • Requires up to 50% less material than wood mulch

SpectraTurf’s Bonded Rubber Mulch Details:

  • One-layer system of 100% recycled materials
  • Mixed, poured, and troweled on-site
  • Available in 7 colors (colors can be mixed)
  • Installed over Type2 road base, concrete, or asphalt
  • IPEMA Certified
  • Meets ASTM F1292 requirements for use under and around playground equipment
  • Meets ASTM F1951 requirements for accessibility under and around playground equipment


About SpectraTurf

SpectraTurf is an industry leader in manufacturing and installing rubberized playground safety surfacing, using both new and recycled material components for their systems and a subsidiary of Pennsylvania-based Ecore International. With the goal of creating surfacing that can be enjoyed by people of every age and ability, SpectraTurf offers an array of rubber playground safety surfacing to meet the needs of diverse applications requiring highly weather-resistant and virtually maintenance-free play surface. 

 More information at https://www.spectraturf.com/

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