fbpx 6 Must-Have Backyard Playground Components

6 Must-Have Backyard Playground Components

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Tue, 07/28/2020 - 12:50pm
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A backyard playground serves several functions. It gives your kids a safe and protected place for free play; it serves as a source of creative expression and unstructured learning; it encourages time spent outside in nature; a playground can also be a gathering place for their friends from the neighborhood. By learning what components make for a great backyard play area, you can give your kids the best possible set up for them and their friends. 

  1. Physical Boundaries

    This is a big factor, and it is an absolute must if your kids will be outside without an adult. Fencing can keep children from wandering off and act as a barrier between kids and strangers on the outside. It also discourages neighborhood animals from using the play area as a public restroom. Look for materials that provide privacy for an added bonus. Use safety latches that younger children can't get open without help.

  2. Safe Surfaces

    Playground accidents can have serious consequences. According to the CDC, more than 200,000 children are treated in U.S. emergency room for playground injuries each year. One way to help limit the severity of those injuries os to provide safe play surfaces. Wood chips, sand, pea gravel, and rubber mulch all provide shock absorption to reduce injuries from falls. There are also special tiles and pour-in-place ADA-compatible surfaces for playgrounds that can double as riding or skating surfaces.

  3. Areas To Run

    While playground equipment is nice, there are times when kids just need to burn off some energy running around. Whether you want to encourage a love of sports or wear them out, a lush green lawn to run and play on adds a lot to a backyard playground. Talk to local lawn service companies about the best types of grass to use and what products are safest for areas where kids will be playing.

  4. Tools for Creative Play

    There are so many amazing benefits of creative play for children, yet packed schedules and excessive screentime often robs them of the experience. Make sure backyard play areas have plenty of chances for creative expression. Include a tree fort or playhouse that can be turned into any number of things with a little imagination. A sandbox with molding tools is another great way for kids to build and create.

  5. Climbing Structures

    Climbing builds strength and confidence in kids, so include a climbing structure if you have space. Some playsets can accommodate rock walls or similar features that encourage climbing. Just keep safety in mind and be sure this part of the playground is over a suitable surface.

  6. Swings

    There is something almost magical about the freedom you can experience on a swing. From a simple tire swing to a loveseat glider, try to include at least one or two swings for high-flying adventure and relaxation.

Spending time outside is great for kids. It boosts immune health and contributed to lower levels of anxiety and stress. Not to mention that it tires them out so you can get some much-needed rest, too. Safe play areas with established boundaries and a variety of fun and interactive features will keep your kids entertained for hours.

Lewis Robinson is a business consultant specializing in CRM and sales. He has helped start multiple corporations and currently freelances as a writer and personal consultant.