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Tips for Building a Dream Treehouse for Kids

Tue, 09/17/2019 - 8:00am
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Kids are amazed by the little things we assume. Every little kid has a dream of having a treehouse where he can play and enjoy with his friends. The idea of building a small treehouse in your backyard will help your kid escape the normal boring life. Several stunning treehouse designs will bring huge smiles on your kid's face.

You need a sturdy tree in your background to fulfill your kid's dream. However, you can still build a charming tree house using wooden panels. The wood panels will be used to support the house. There are tips you should learn before embarking on constructing a simple treehouse. The following are hacks of building a glamorous, safe, and durable treehouse.

Start by choosing a treehouse design

Before cutting wood, it is prudent to discuss with your kids the features you would like to have in your treehouse. You can decide to build a large house where you can host a guest all night. Have in mind the various amenities to fix in the treehouse. Planning should involve deciding the length, design, and size of the house you want to build.

Consult a professional in planning

A professional will help you plan from mapping whether the supporting branches are stable to gauging whether the branches can hold the weight of the treehouse. The expert will let you know the material and tools you need to up your house.

Choose a sturdy tree in an ideal sight

The most crucial thing is choosing the space where you want to build the treehouse. The tree you are choosing should be stable enough to withstand the weight of the house. The ground does not play a significant role when building your house. The tree you select should not be swayed when it's windy or be affected by weather changes.

Consider a firm support method for your treehouse

It is prudent to learn various techniques of supporting a treehouse for kids. Choose a plan that will hold your treehouse firmly for a longer time. There are two common tree supporting methods known as a rigid and floating framework. When the tree is not firm enough, you will have to come up with proper support by fixing additional poles or wood pallets from the ground up.

Bolt the structure to the tree

You must consider how you are going to attach your house to the tree. You must consider some factors before choosing the method to use when attaching the house to the tree. For example, nailing is not suitable since it will decrease the tree's life. Instead of using screws and nails, consider bolting your house to the tree. Do not use too many bolts as they will reduce the strength of the tree due to corrosion.

Waterproof your treehouse

Look for an expert who has honed skills in using waterproof materials. This is an essential element that will reduce the chances of water soaking into the floor and walls of the house. The use of waterproof materials will help you build a crystal creek treehouse that will not grow molds. Cover the wood with waterproof materials, to prevent water from penetrating the wood.


Having a stylish treehouse is a dream shared by kids and adults. This dream can only be brought to live by learning how to construct a durable house. A treehouse evokes authentic happiness, freedom, and enables people to interact with nature.

For a durable and robust treehouse, invest your time in planning for it. Choose a professional who will guide you through the process. The process of choosing the best tree can be daunting, but with the right tips, you will not go amiss. Pick your construction materials wisely and use them as instructed by your consultant. 

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Does CPSC have any guidelines for building a treehouse. Are there certain requirements that someone has to meet like inspections? Thank you