fbpx 5 Remarkable Benefits of Music for Children

5 Remarkable Benefits of Music for Children

Mon, 08/31/2020 - 5:16pm
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5 Remarkable Benefits of Music for Children

Music provides a huge wealth of benefits for your child. Both listening to music, and learning to play an instrument offers a world full of creative freedom and exploration!

Not only is music fun and rewarding, there are so many valuable skills to learn, and it’s also scientifically proven to make us smarter! Children absorb so much information from a young age; so do not underestimate how good music can be for their character growth.

Without further ado, here are my favorite reasons why music will help to benefit your child!

  1. Music Makes Children Happier

    We all love music, right? Music is ubiquitous. This means it’s all around us! Just think about how dull life would be without any songs to express our emotions. It’s an amazing creative outlet after all!

    Studies have been performed all around the world that proves music releases mood-enhancing endorphins that make us happier! A study by McGill University found that music triggers an intense emotional response that involves an “ancient reward circuitry in the brain”.

  2. Music Relaxes the Mind

    Music offers tremendous therapeutic effects for the mind and body. It’s been proven to engage broad neural networks in the brain, and listening to music helps to promote feelings of calm and relaxation in the mind. 

    The various aspects of music including metre, melody, timbre, pitch, and rhythm all provide continuity, reassurance, and calming relaxation for children. Why else do we sing lullabies to our children to help them fall asleep?

  3. Performing Music Teaches New Skills

    Learning to play a new musical instrument or singing teaches a host of valuable new skills. Coordination, rhythm, control, and self-confidence are but a few of the enormous treasure of benefits that music provides.

    Playing music and recognizing progress provides a real sense of accomplishment for kids. Through overcoming new challenges, children will feel empowered and confident to achieve their goals. This powerful self-learning spirit will prove itself to benefit your child for the future in all areas of their life!

  4. Music Boosts Brain Power

    Science shows that music activates broad neural networks in the brain that are responsible for attention, memory, awareness, and cognitive mental functioning. 

    A study showed that students who listened to Mozart performed better at tasks requiring memory and concentration compared to the group than the control group. The Mozart effect is well known to enhance cognitive performance!

  5. Music Aids Child Development

    Music helps children to understand emotions, and makes them feel happier as a result! Music allows kids to express their thoughts, emotions, and feelings in a way that sometimes words cannot. 

    Music helps the body and mind to work together, through understanding music children can learn to sing and dance and this helps build essential motor-skills in addition to allowing them to practice valuable self-expression!

Final Thoughts

There is a staggering amount of research available supporting the benefits of music for aiding child development in a number of ways. It is really not to be underestimated! 

There is something intrinsically powerful about music, and the way in which it affects humans. It makes us feel happy and provides a focus for the mind free from worry and fear. 

Please do encourage your children to explore music through singing, dancing, participating, and simply listening! 

And if you have ever considered investing in a musical instrument for your child, I can assure you that teaching your child how to play a musical instrument such as the drums will provide them with valuable skills for life!

Gideon Waxman is a London based drummer and music educator. He holds a bachelor of music degree from the University of Westminster and is fully qualified to teach mindfulness-based stress reduction programs...