fbpx The Children's Book "Three Best Friends" Brings Attention to Accessible Playgrounds

The Children's Book "Three Best Friends" Brings Attention to Accessible Playgrounds

Tue, 06/27/2017 - 11:21am
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"Three Best Friends" Accessibility

Robbin Miller, the author of the children's book "Playgroup Time," has published her second picture book titled, "Three Best Friends."

This picture book tells the story of three best friends who are excited about their community playground. After the ribbon is cut, two of the able-bodied children are able to walk on the woodchips while their other friend gets his wheelchair stuck. Through a concerted and failed effort, the protagonist is not able to join his friends in the new playground. While the protagonist experiences verbal bullying in the playground, he and his two best friends learn the true meaning of friendship among themselves. The story highlights the need for inclusive playgrounds for all children to play together.

"Robbin's Story spreads awareness about the struggle many communities face when it comes to providing inclusive play spaces. The story inspires and educates. Communities have a choice to build inclusive environments where children of all abilities have the opportunity to learn with and from each other in an embracing environment." Read some hints on how to create a playground for all abilities here.

 "Someday all playgrounds will be accessible for all kids to play together." Helena Liedtke, Founder Space2Thrive, Inc. / Author of "Creating Inclusive Play and Community Spaces - An out-of-the-box approach to social and emotional inclusion.

Robbin is a mother of an active seven-year-old boy and enjoys writing story picture books for children. Her first picture book, Playgroup Time, was the first book to promote inclusion and diversity...