fbpx 5 Great Tips To Help Your Disabled Child Have Fun At A Playground

5 Great Tips To Help Your Disabled Child Have Fun At A Playground

Tue, 10/06/2020 - 1:15pm
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5 Great Tips To Help Your Disabled Child Have Fun At A Playground

As a parent and guardian, you’re always trying to find ways to help your child learn, have fun, and feel included. This isn’t always easy because the world tends to cater more to able-bodied children than it does to differently abled kids. 

Playgrounds are spaces where children come alive, and it takes some effort from you, the parent, to make your child experience the same pleasure that able-bodied children automatically enjoy. Below are 5 useful tips to help your child have fun at a playground. 

  1. Electric Wheelchair

Electric wheelchairs offer greater mobility and a safer playground experience for your child. It’ll be easier for them to keep up with other children while playing games when they’re on a Rolstoel electric wheelchair. The incline ability of the chairs makes it possible for your child to join in on climbing slopes. Your child can easily participate in and enjoy the uphill games children usually play.

Most popular power folding wheelchairs also feature an efficient turning radius, which allows greater maneuverability. This means that your child can also enjoy a game of tag since it won’t be a problem for them to negotiate tighter and smaller spaces. Your child can easily compete to become the king or queen of the game, as their wheelchair affords them greater mobility and easier access of the space around them.

The feeling of inclusivity as a result of being able to keep up with the able-bodied children in a playground will bring such happiness for your child. In fact, some able-bodied kids might even envy your child for having such a ‘cool’ chair that can make him or her move faster than others. Having an electric wheelchair will also make heading back home swift and efficient after a lovely playground session.

  1. Inclusive Playgrounds 

Inclusive playgrounds are ones that are designed specifically for disabled children. For example, the swings are designed in such a way that you can attach an electric chair to the bars and your child enjoys the swinging sensation. The ‘merry-go-round’ can accommodate your child’s electric wheelchair by fastening it in, and your child happily enjoys the circling effect.

Find out if there are any inclusive parks near you. You can also take part in the on-going calls for more inclusive playgrounds globally, as these are yet to be the norm. 

  1. Playgroup

Your child might not feel like being included with able-bodied children all the time. Sometimes, just like anyone else, your child might enjoy the company of others that are just like him or her. You can join or form a playground group for your child which includes other disabled children. Organize playground days so they can all enjoy the day in each other’s company. You’ll be amazed at the games that children can invent. They might invent a racing game using their electric chairs!

  1. Invent Playground Games

You as the parent or guardian might have to get creative on the playground for your child to have fun, particularly if there are no inclusive playgrounds within your area. You can invent games that are wheelchair friendly for your child. 

You can race your child, for example, and let him or her enjoy the feeling of being on the go with you. You can play catch with a ball, sitting-volleyball or any game that allows for more mobility. These games will teach your child that there’s nothing that restricts him or her from enjoying mobility through play therapy. 

  1. Positive Talk

Children can identify the differences between them and other people. Unfortunately, when they’re in public spaces such as a playground, your child can become the center of attention or be made fun of by other children. This also happens to able-bodied children; however, your child may take this as a consequence of his or her disability. If this occurs at a playground, you can turn it into an opportunity to affirm your child through positive talk. 

Positive talk instills confidence and improves self-worth. Remind your child that just because he or she is differently-abled, it doesn’t mean that other children are better or more worthy.  


Playgrounds can be difficult spaces for a differently abled child. You can, however, help your child have fun at the playground through various means. You can invest in an electric wheelchair which makes for improve their mobility, visit inclusive parks that accommodate your child’s wheelchair, form or join playground groups with other children, invent games and engage in positive talk. The memories that you’d create with your children are ones that will never be forgotten.

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