fbpx Things to Do with Kids Outdoors: 15 Cheap Games to Play

Things to Do with Kids Outdoors: 15 Cheap Games to Play

Tue, 08/20/2019 - 8:00am
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When we live in a world where many kids spend a lot of time online and playing with the latest technologies, it even more important to do your best to keep your kids as much as possible outdoors. 

Kids can get easily boring, so you should make their time outside as fun as possible. There’s no easier way to do it than by playing outdoor games. Playing outside doesn’t have to be expansive, in fact, it can be extremely cheap, especially if you create the toys by yourself, which only make the kids spend more time outside. As well as playing outside isn’t risky is only healthy for your child.

With no further ado, in today’s post, we’re presenting our top 15 games to play outside.

Recycled Bottle Bowling 

We all know how to play bowling, but who said that you have to pay for this game when you can create on your own. All you have to do is to paint 7 bottles and use any ball that you already have and ta-da, you can play bowling.

Giant Pick-Up Sticks

We all know how the pick-up stick game is working, the twist here is to find long sticks from nature around and paint them in different colors and then you can play giant pick-up sticks.

Water Balloon Pinata 

This game is perfect for a little summer fun according to my friend from Forex Broker company. All you have to do is to fill balloons with water and hang them on the tree or on whatever you have on your yard and pretend they’re pinatas.

Outdoors Twister

Every child loves twister once they try it because it’s fun. The easiest way to play it outside is by coloring the grass or cement from your yard to make it look like a twister board, and use a rock pained at one pointed end to show you the color and the feet/hand.

Scavenger Hunt

You can easily create a scavenger hunt in your backyard and if you don’t know how to do it you can find inspiration online.

Jump Ropes

As simple as they are, jumping ropes can be found extremely fun for kids.

Constellation Rocks

This can be both fun and educational for your kids. All you have to do is to print as many constellations as you like and one will have to draw one and the others guess what is the name of the constellation. 

Shadow Tracing

I know that for you doesn’t sound so fun, but for kids can actually be. A kid will never stay put until you draw their shadow so the result will be extremely funny. 

Simon Says

Everyone knows Simon says but does everyone know that is can become even funnier if played outside?

Hula Hoop

Kids seem to enjoy very much hula hopes, so it’s a great, cheap game to have around whenever you want to play outside.


Bubbles are like magnets for kids and the bigger they are the better and all you need is one bowl, water, soap, two big sticks, and some special ropes and you can entertain the kids with the biggest balloons they ever saw.

Hide and Seek

Hide and seek in an old-fashion game who will never grow old.


Juggling is always fun because is more likely to not be good at it and kids like to make fun of their parents.

Don’t Drop the Ball

The rules are simple here – all you have to do is not dropping the ball.

Chasing Fireflies

This activity can’t be held under any circumstances, as it has to be summer, and it has to be dark outside, but I promise, your kids will love it.


The above-mentioned games and activities are just a few great, fun things you can do outside with your kids, but there are way more many things you can do if only you and your kids are using your creativity. 

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Don't you mean "Hide and seek", not 'hide and sick'?

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I believe the old-fashioned game is HIDE AND SEEK.

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Good catch, K & Suzanne! Thank you!