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Best 10 Free Apps for Kids Learning

Fri, 12/28/2018 - 12:00pm
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Using technologies in kids’ learning has many pros and cons. The opponents claim that technologies and smartphones badly affect the child’s memory and ability to learn overall. They build a chain of associations in kids’ brains, which is closely related to the subject they studied. However, when they are asked to think beyond or apply their imagination, they often fail to apply their critical thinking skills. As for the older children, they often tend to use gadgets where they could and should use personal resources, including brain and memory.

However, it would be wrong to neglect the overwhelming and ever-increasing learning opportunities that online learning provides. Technologies have impacted the way the mind processes and comprehends information, embedding educational games into the learning process. Moreover, given a considerable transformation in the education industry, learning has become accessible and more exciting and interactive to students of all ages. In this article, let’s review several educational apps for kids that have won their reputation in the education industry worldwide.

1) Duolingo

It is wrong to assume that learning foreign languages is difficult and tedious for younger kids. Duolingo offers a simple way to make a kid learn a language through a wide variety of games and easy-to-understand quizzes. It is a completely free app that may only offer you some in-app purchases that are entirely optional.

2) ClassDojo

This app is one of the best if you seek to provide ‘a virtual classroom’ for your kid. It allows children, teachers, and parents to interact all together in a virtual space. Children can communicate with their teachers regarding the things they may not understand, while parents can silently observe their interactions and track their kid’s progress.

3) DragonBox

The DragonBox is a series that applies different educational games to make children learn math through a set of fun and interesting activities. Overall, 5 learning games require one-time payment and do not charge any other subscription or in-app purchases fees.

4) Quick Maths

Quick Maths is one of the most famous kids’ learning apps to make children familiar with numbers and advance their math skills. The goal of the app is to provide an opportunity for self-improvement and advancement of kids’ skills through the numerical tasks and challenges embedded in games.

5) Spelling Stage

Given the difficulties children experience in learning English spelling, this app is the most advanced in terms of promoting practice in that subject. It helps school children having troubles with spelling and wondering how to write essays. The application also offers different levels of complexity for different age groups, which are available under the paid subscription.

6) Flow Free

This app is interesting for both the adults and kids. There are over 2,000 puzzles available for free that test kids’ logic, analytical, and critical thinking skills. Beware that this app is highly addictive. More puzzles are available in the expansion packs offered under the paid subscription.

7) My Molecularium

This app is designed for high school students to advance their knowledge and provide a thorough understanding of the chemical processes. The main focus is to interest students in studying chemistry with a fresh mind. Through the fun game, students learn chemistry concepts in their daily application and use.

8) Crossword Puzzles

The app serves for older kids and adults. It is a great tool for smart children who can utilize their language skills having fun. This app supports many aspects of learning and provides children with the skills necessary to excel at school. Furthermore, it constantly welcomes the child’s success with bonuses and encouragement that makes this app highly rated.

9) Science360

The National Science Foundation created this app to provide children with a basic understanding of advanced science and the most recent engineering developments. It offers different videos for children to widen their understanding of how the world works. The content is highly authentic as it is collected from the flagship universities and science labs across the world. Moreover, this app is available in the tablet version only for children to explore 3D images from different perspectives.

10) YouTube Kids

YouTube created a version exclusively for kids to watch educational videos and other entertainment content that can inspire and enhance young minds. It is one of the best free learning apps for kids that offers high-quality content from reliable sources adapted for kids. Also, it offers them an easy way to find their favorite shows and programs. Parents do not have to worry about the classified content or parental control, as YouTube carefully filters everything that is uploaded for the kids’ version. It also offers an easy way to find information about anything that may capture imagination or interest. It is easy-to-use and family-oriented.1

Harry Southworth is a freelance writer who previously worked in the education industry. As an early learning specialist, Harry advocates reasonable involvement of technologies in children’s learning...