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The Adventurous Child Weather Station Learning Center

Mon, 12/09/2013 - 1:01am
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The Adventurous Child Weather Station Learning Center

There is no better place to understand and fully experience weather with all the senses than the great outdoors, making our Weather Station the perfect addition to your natural playground! Preschool weather activities are important to propel early childhood learning, and this outdoor preschool playground equipment provides the perfect opportunity for exploration and discovery.

The Weather Station Learning Center includes the Weekly Weather Panel, Thermometer, Barometer, Weather Vane, Rain Gauge and Activity Platform.

The Weekly Weather Panel provides a documentation board for recording or drawing the daily weather. Since weather is never static, there are two slots for each day. The young scientists can use markers to document their findings. (Please note, use only markers that are designed to come off with water.)

Children will enjoy measuring the air temperature, whether they read the numbers or simply observe the change on the Thermometer gauge.

The Barometer predicts a change in weather by measuring variations in atmospheric pressure and the gauge indicates rain, change or fair. The Barometer normally indicates changes in weather 12 to 24 hours in advance. Young meteorologists will love predicting tomorrow’s forecast through these fun preschool weather activities.

The Weather Vane at the top of this outdoor weather station for preschoolers indicates wind direction and provides a basis for observing and discussing north, south, west, east, sunrise, sunset, etc.

The Rain Gauge collects and measures the amount of rain fall. Children who can’t read numbers can still understand the measurements of more and less.

The Activity Platform provides a play and work surface for examining tiny creatures with a magnifying glass, charting weather data or performing the daily weather report.

Please Note:

  • Assembly required - easy assembly instructions provided.
  • Concrete in ground - easy install instructions provided.

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We are looking for a weather station for our school garden. Is this available for purchase?
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