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8 Party Themes That Work for Everyone

Tue, 03/24/2020 - 10:56am
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Kids want to have fun, which is why they use their imaginations to create new worlds and games every day. Whether they're hanging out at home or running around on the playground, they love to laugh and enjoy themselves. Parents and teachers should match their energy and inspire them to keep going, which may be difficult sometimes.

Caregivers often feel stuck with the same ideas when they want to treat their children to a little fun. You may head to the store for another round of birthday princess tiaras or tiny cards for Valentine's Day parties, but there's more to life than old tropes. 

Check out these eight party themes that work for everyone, no matter what you celebrate. Kids will love any of these festivities, especially since they're new ways to see the world and have fun with friends. 

  1. Travel the World

    Most kids only know what it's like to be at home, go to school and run errands with the family. They haven't learned about different cultures and countries, much less trekked the globe. Parents and teachers can bring the world to them by throwing a party that helps them travel from the comfort of their hometown.

    Choose a country and make popular food from that location. Teach kids about the history while they snack and play games inspired by the culture. You have so many places to choose from, plus you can reuse this theme in new ways all year long.

  2. 2. Go to the Olympics

    Kids play sports and watch the Olympics when their favorite athletes come on the TV, so encourage them to dream big. Host an Olympics at home or school where you get outside to play games, like pool-noodle javelin throw or ring toss. Then, give out medals to the winners.

  3. Enjoy Summer Treats and Decor

    During the summer, distract kids from the heat by throwing a summer-themed party. Make festive fruit snacks, build ice cream sundaes and play pool games to chill out and have a good time.

  4. Focus on a Character

    If there's a particular character your child or classroom loves, host a party all about them. You might make a Cookie Monster cake or superhero-themed games. Give everyone capes or other costume pieces so that they can make believe they're alongside their cartoon friends.

  5. Adopt Stuffed Animals

    Nothing is cuter than a child falling in love with a new stuffed animal friend, so host an adoption! Get stuffed animals and set up creative stations for making collars and picking up accessories. Educators can use this as an opportunity to teach responsibility, which is essential for any kid to learn early on.

  6. Celebrate With Sparklers

    Anyone can end a party, but why not do it in a way that captures kids' imaginations? No matter what the event is for, you can celebrate with sparklers before everyone goes home. As long as kids never use them unsupervised and practice specific safety precautions, sparklers will dazzle everyone and create cool photo opportunities.

  7. Conduct Science Experiments

    Science experiments encourage kids to dream big and get creative, so do them at home or school. With the right supplies, children can learn that the world is full of possibilities. They'll love dropping mentos into diet soda or writing in invisible ink. You can also help them make their own paper or grow crystals. 

  8. Decorate Cookies or Cupcakes

    Little kids love to find any excuse to snack on something sweet, so get creative and let them take the lead. Bake sugar cookies or unfrosted cupcakes and give them supplies to decorate however they want. They can bring home the leftovers or only make enough to snack on during the party. Make sure nothing includes any allergens so that everyone can have a great time.

Figure Out What Party Themes Everyone Loves

No party will be a success if the kids don't love the theme. Consider what they enjoy doing in their free time to decide what they'd like to do. Whether you explore science experiments, light a few sparklers or adopt stuffed animal pets, have fun with these party themes for everyone.

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