fbpx School Bullying: How to Prevent It?

School Bullying: How to Prevent It?

Tue, 04/30/2019 - 10:00am
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The issue of bullying in schools has been on the rise in many developed countries around the globe. Many people say that modern technologies and the lifestyle of teenagers made this phenomenon so popular. However, bullying was common before technologies overwhelmed our lives. They only made it more personal and penetrating. Sometimes, it is hard even to believe what children are capable of when you come across some shocking school bullying facts and their consequences in the news.

It may be heart-wrenching for parents to know that their sweet child is a bully who offends others at school. At the same time, teachers often may be unaware of what is going on unless it becomes obvious that some students underperform due to psychological reasons. School bullying can derail a child’s life in many awful ways, and it is a must for school teachers and parents to make an effort and stop bullying. There are several effective ways on how to prevent bullying as a teacher, a parent, and a bullying victim.

What Should Teachers Do?

First of all, for a teacher or school principal, it is a good idea to take bullying seriously. Any acquiescence in this issue can only make it worse. If teachers see it or notice the consequences of bullying, they should act immediately. They should raise the issue and discuss it with all parties involved. Moreover, it is a good idea to install school security cameras and monitor children’s activity in school and its perimeter. Often, the place where most bullying is conducted is the school itself. Thus, school staff should take greater responsibility in analyzing the footage of cameras. Video materials are very helpful in investigating bullying. Stricter anti-bullying policies are an effective way to prevent bullying in schools. Students should be aware of the wrongfulness of their actions and the possible consequences. Bullies have to be afraid of the punishment they may encounter.

What Should Parents Do?

As for the role of parents, it can be different depending on whether their child is bullied or is a bully. The parents of victims should observe any possible signs of what their child is going through. There are many obvious signs such as scratches, scars, or ripped clothing. However, there are other psychological indicators such as anxiety, depression, nightmares, etc. that cause greater distress to the victims of bullying. It is dangerous to ignore this issue so parents should try to have open conversations with their kids. They need to make sure that kids know that have somebody always on their side.

Moreover, parents should contact school officials immediately and address bullying problems. There can be other children who suffer just like their own child. Teachers should make sure that bullying of any kind stops immediately. They should also spend more time with their children teaching them moral values and giving them the love they desperately need. It is a good idea to get assignment help for their children if they lag behind others in class due to psychological distress. Also, a greater focus on studying may distract children from other problems. Success at school can help them feel happier.

What Should Victims Do?

However, bullied children should also be trained in how to deal with their bullies. They should not be afraid to protect themselves from school bullying. They should immediately report any acts of bullying or cyberbullying to their parents or school teachers. The statistics show that over 64% of bullied students do not report these cases and try to deal with the situation on their own. If the dialogue with parents and school staff is impossible due to some reasons, there are many organizations that organize hotlines and offer help in bullying issues. The staff will counsel what could be done in each particular situation. Also, cullied children should stick to groups of students and friends. They should not be alone in places where they can become an easy target.

Only if school bullying is taken seriously, there is a chance to lessen the degree it affects children’s lives. Cooperation between the community, parents, and school is the only way to help thousands of young people get through a difficult situation with minimum damage.

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