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Tue, 03/01/2005 - 5:00am
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Modular skatepark components to supplement your playground project

Full-fledged skateparks certainly have their place, but often communities find themselves in a pickle when it comes to deciding between a skatepark OR a playground. One often overlooked alternative is to have your cake and eat it too. There are a number of companies that specialize in ramps, stand-alone events and various types of modular skate systems.


A division of Horseshoe Industries, LLC, Air Born Skate ramps offers consultation and design services as well as manufacturing. Horseshoe Industries, LLC also consists of Herman Tool & Machine (since 1969), a custom metal fabricator and machine shop, and Herman's Christmas Land and Nida Lighting, designers and manufacturers of holiday lighting displays. With Herman Tool & Machine's manufacturing capabilities, Air Born Skate ramps intend to lead the way in quality and innovative skateparks, ramps, grind boxes, and rails.




Nathan Bemo, a skater who has built ramps for over 18 years, says that his company, American Ramp, offers both wooden and steel framework. Skatepark owners can also choose from steel or Skatelite riding surfaces and while offering a wide array of skatepark equipment, American Ramp will be happy to build a custom-designed skatepark with the construction materials of your choice.




DEJA builds Rec Ramps, a complete line of quality steel-framed skateboard park components designed by experienced boarders for quality boarding, but built by skilled craftsmen for bulletproof ownership. Park pieces can be shipped anywhere nationally or internationally, and will arrive in easy to assemble modules—no on-site welding is required. Ramps are surfaced with "rider-preferred" pultruded textured fiberglass reinforced plastic composite called Duraskate. All steel parts are hot-dipped galvanized, which when combined with the Duraskate ramp surfacing, provides boarders with superior traction, strength, and safety while giving owners outstanding durability, quality and weather protection. Skirting and paneling are available options, as are custom designs. Rec Ramps—the preferred choice of riders, the best choice for owners.



GeoSpec Environments sells and installs Rhino Skate Ramps in North Carolina and South Carolina. They also offer community built skateparks in 3-D designs and detailed layout. Rhino Ramps are sold in 18 countries and have over 400 skateparks worldwide. With seven years of ramp manufacturing experience, all their products meet current safety norms for skateparks. GeoSpec Environments has some new changes for 2005 including their ten-year Rhino Top surface warranty with Bowl edge and full Bowl. Other construction changes consist of new Polypropylene sides and back covered with steel. Polypropylene substrate has also been added.




Hot Rails, Inc. is one of the nation’s leading suppliers of skateboard ramps. This company mainly provides skatepark equipment to municipalities. It has also supplied individuals, events and tours, such as the National Inline Skate Series and events for the Aggressive Skater’s Association. As members of the International Inline Skating Association, the Roller Skating Association and the National Recreation and Parks Association, Hot Rails, Inc. continues to be active in skatepark and skateboarding issues. Hot Rails is one of the founding members of the ASTM Committee that is drafting the Standards and Guidelines for skatepark construction to ensure safety as well as enjoyment. 

Hot Rails can design and build any size skatepark for any budget.  They also assist municipalities and engineering firms in planning phases and can provide assistance with everything from paving, to fencing, to sun shading. All sales, service, and installation are performed by factory employees. There are no third parties to deal with.

Phone:  973-331-3758

Web: www.hotrails.com


Playworld Systems manufactures quality recreation equipment for people of all ages. In 2002 they teamed up with the world-renowned Woodward Camp to become the exclusive manufacturer and distributor of Woodward Ramps and Rails. Using Woodward certified geometry, Woodward Ramps and Rails are field-tested by the pros to provide the smoothest and quietest ride. They’re easy to maintain and can be built during a Community Build—which brings local residents together and helps save money. 





Think about everything you want in a modular skatepark:  great design, flexibility, safety, durability, neighborhood-friendliness, value...you name it.  Meeting this lofty expectation is at the core of Skatewave 3.0—the first and only system with a totally interchangeable riding surface.  Three surface options are available, including TekTrak, RampX, and Stainless Steel.  Each riding surface has unique advantages, so you can choose the one that's perfect for your riders and your community.  Due to this system’s built-in versatility, you can install a different surface without buying a whole new ramp. 

Skatewave is a product of Landscape Structures, an internationally-recognized manufacturer of the recreational equipment.  Founded in 1971, Landscape Structures is known both for groundbreaking design and exceptional engineering. Dedicated to developing better ways to help kids grow and learn through physical activity, Landscape Structures created Skatewave to serve youth who are ready for new challenges.




Everyone agrees: concrete is the best surface for riding as it replicates "the street under your feet." Most people consider concrete as an expensive poured-in-place bowl, but Solo Ramps offers the best alternative: configurable modular concrete skatepark ramps and galvanized street elements. Solo Ramps are made of high-tech concrete that is four times stronger than conventional air-cured concrete. This advanced material surpasses every standard for longevity and durability. The surface of the ramps is very smooth and great to ride and all hardware is either hot dipped galvanized steel or tamper-proof stainless steel. These modular concrete ramps can be configured to meet the skating requirements of skaters and communities. Not only are the ramps made of the surface that skaters prefer but they give the municipalities "peace of mind" as they are virtually maintenance-free and come with a 15-year warranty on structure and surface. Lifetime warranty on stainless steel hardware is also included. 




SunRamp skateparks are distinctly portable, while permanent options are also available.  SunRamp’s stackable ramps make up the most portable skatepark on the market.  Larger Quarter Pipes and Half Pipes use lightweight aluminum frames and easily break down into small, portable pieces. Scientists from the University of Minnesota designed SunRamps to withstand any weather and to last for years.




TrueRide, Inc. designs parks for skateboarding, BMX, inline skating or a combination of all three. You can customize your park by deciding the height and width of individual ramps as well as the size of the grind rails, decks and whatever size park you want to fit your budget. TrueRide has designed, manufactured and installed more than 250 skateparks for cities throughout the United States.



Whitefish Skate Ramp Co.

Whitefish Skate Ramp Company provides traceable ramp plans with step-by-step instructions for cities wanting to build a skatepark with a local labor force. They provide three-dimensional design layout of the skatepark, as well as material estimates for the ramps and great pricing of the ramp surfacing.



Skate Parkitecture

For Jon Ortgiesen and his crew at this Washington-based company, a successful park must come from the community, not the designer. This means that top priority is given to the skaters, adjacent businesses, and the city or county that constructs the skatepark. Ortgiesen himself is a registered Landscape Architect with a degree from Cal Poly and over 30 years experience as a Park Planner for cities and counties in both California and Washington State.

Skate Parkitecture’s only business is designing skateparks, allowing the best design that your budget will allow. In addition to the design itself, buyers benefit from grant application and funding services. We will work with the skate community to set up fundraising programs for the park’s ultimate construction. Although this builder has a preference for concrete, Skate Parkitecture also works in metal and wood. 

The company’s approach to design is two-fold. These parks are freeform in shape, promoting rhythm, circulation and continuous movement. This also provides an added safety feature by preventing stop-and-go traffic. Secondly, Skate Parkitecture provides elements for all skaters, including easy features on the outside and more difficult elements in the center so all skaters can skate freely.




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