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Dangers to Look Out for at the Park

Tue, 11/19/2019 - 9:05am
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Broken glass at a park

Whether you are a neighborhood park regular or you are new to the area, it is important to get as much information about play places in your town before taking your child there. Here are some potential risks you can encounter and how to avoid them. 

Broken Glass 

Even in relatively safe neighborhoods, broken glass can be a hazard. Every time you take your child to a new playground, it is important to inspect the premises before allowing him or her to roam freely or experiment with play equipment. Along with the broken glass, check for screws and other objects that could cause infection from your child stepping on them. If you find anything, be sure to inform other parents in the play area and contact your local parks department about the hazard to prevent it from happening again. 


There are many types of critters to watch out for on playgrounds, such as bees, German cockroaches, snakes, and other pests. When you are looking out for broken glass and metal, do a quick sweep for other animals that could potentially harm your child. Additionally, it is imperative to have a small first aid kit on hand to treat common injuries, such as bug bites and bee stings. Be sure to talk to your child about wildlife and how it is important not to interact with bugs, especially ones that can administer injury. If your child is allergic to bees, always have an EpiPen on hand in case of extreme allergic reactions. 

Unfamiliar Pets

One of the benefits of visiting your local park is seeing a variety of people, many of whom have come to walk or play with their dogs. Many dog owners are friendly and will allow your children to safely interact with their furry friends, but it is still vital to teach your children how to interact with dogs. Be sure to advise your children to ask the owner before approaching or petting a dog, and respecting the owner if he or she declines their request. Teaching your children manners for pet owners can save you much potential strife and lessen your worries about dogs biting your child. 


Unfortunately, bullies can be a common occurrence in any environment where large numbers of children are at play. When your child is old enough to understand, be sure to inform them how to best handle tense situations. Teach them how to walk away from conflict if there is a chance it could escalate into a physical altercation. Once they know what makes bullies harass other children, it will be much easier for them to brush off verbal attacks like teasing and continue on with what they were doing. If your child is physically assaulted, stay calm and remove them from the situation, then inform the attacking child's parent or guardian to resolve the problem. 

Taking your child to a new playground does not have to be stressful. With these tips, you are guaranteed to make sure your child is safe and protected while enjoying a fun outdoor activity. 


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