fbpx 5 Must-Have Things When Boating with Kids

5 Must-Have Things When Boating with Kids

Mon, 06/29/2020 - 7:31pm
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5 Must-Have Things When Boating with Kids

For a recent parent, getting away from kids is hard. It doesn’t matter whether its job or other important function; we don’t like to leave our kids behind. 

And that rule applies when we go boating. That’s why most people like to take their kids on-boat. Besides, they will have a memorable journey to later smile on.

But in all this fun, we shouldn’t forget that the baby's needs are different. For us, it’s the beautiful nature and soothing experience that matters, but all your tod cares about is their food and enjoyment.

They are so young to understand what’s happening; therefore, even when you are going on a boat, you have to take the essentials you need at home. Now, there can be many of them, and I will list the 5 most essential ones.

  1. Life Jacket

    Kids, especially toddlers, can’t move their body, neither can they scream for help, which means in case of emergency, the risk of drowning for kids is high.

    Every year thousands of kids die from drowning, and the cases are increasing each year. Today, it’s the cause for most toddler deaths(only after birth defects), so you have to be prepared for the worst.

    Therefore, wear your kid a USCG Approved life jacket. A life jacket will keep them afloat(head above water) and even flip them on their back, depending on the vest.

    That’s why wearing your kid a quality life jacket is a must. Also, it’s mandatory for kids to wear a life jacket; otherwise, the coast guards can ticket you. You can check your state laws here.

    So, to comply with the law and to ensure safety, getting a life jacket seems a better idea. When you are getting a life jacket, you have to take care of several things like size, comfort, straps, etc.

    The size is, of course, the first thing you will look at. There are a lot of life jackets designed for different age groups. Like, you can find a lot of life jackets for toddlers specially designed for 0-30 lbs.

    The same goes for infants and youth. It doesn’t matter which one you choose, if you are going boating, make sure it’s USCG Approved. 

    Not only kids but also get a life jacket for yourself for the same reasons.

  2. Snacks and Baby food

    No adventure is complete without a nice meal session. It’s just a different experience eating on a boat in the middle of the water. 

    Also, you were paddling for quite some time, so having a snack break help you regain some energy. Now, snacks are for you, but what about your baby?

    If he/she is too young(toddler), bring some baby food along to kill their food cravings. Remember, they only care for food and enjoyment? Give them that!

    Yes, I hear that you can also breastfeed them, but that can’t happen every time, right? You may be busy paddling, and at that time, the baby food will keep them busy and full.

  3. Toys

    Kids like toys, these soft cushion-like buddies become their best friend with whom they love playing. Just like you, they are also a part of their family. And not bringing them along will be an injustice.

    Your kid will feel the incompleteness and will cry for them, so bring them along. Make sure to only bring the soft ones as it won’t harm anyway. 

    But the plastic toys may hurt your child upon boat movements. You don’t have to bring everything, just get 1-2 such that both the hands are busy.

  4. 4. Diapers

    The child digestive system is way faster than adults. Since they recently had a food session, you soon may have to go to the toilet. But the problem is, you are in a boat, and you don’t have a toiled access.

    So, wear your boi a diaper and bring some along. Of course, you don’t want to be messy or feel stinky on a lovely boat journey.

    Diapers will keep everything in control. You can bring some bag to dispose of them, don’t throw in the water. 

    If you are on a big boat where you have toilet access, I would still recommend you get some diapers. They will be so helpful, believe me.

  5. Sun Protection

    While we all are focusing on water protection, we forget about another harmful beast i.e., sunlight. Maybe not you, but your kids definitely need protection from it.

    Since kid's skin is soft and new, it can get sunburn way faster than adult skin. Therefore, you have to avoid getting direct sunlight. For that, you can use three things - sunscreen, sunglasses, and baby sunhat.

    Either of them works fine, but all three combined ensures the best protection. If you are on a small boat(with no/open roof), then get most of them, but on big boats, sun hat works fine.

    It totally depends on you. Whatever seems fine, get it. Now, don’t just get any, but the best one.

    By best, I mean the one offering the best protection. For sunhat, get the one with UPF 50+ material as it blocks 98% harmful rays from entering the fabric.

    For sunscreen, get the one with at least SPF30 rating, but if possible, get SPF 50 as it offers the best protection.

    Finally, for sunglasses, choose the one with 100% UV protection. Again, you don’t need to get all three, even two works fine. You don’t want your kids to look like Ninja Turtle, do you?

I am a Swim coach, a water-sport enthusiast, a certified scuba diver, and a DAD who loves Fishing. Going out in nature and exploring new places is my passion.