fbpx Why Surface Cleaning of Your Pool is Important

Why Surface Cleaning of Your Pool is Important

Tue, 05/21/2019 - 11:24am
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A clean pool is refreshing

Pool surface cleaning should be done routinely on a regular basis to keep the pool clean and welcoming. It is more of a preventive measure that should be done consistently.

Advantages of surface cleaning your pool

Keeps Pool Sparkle clean & welcoming

A clean pool free of pollen, leaves, litter, bugs and floating oils on the surface is more welcoming to anyone desiring to use it.

Reduces chances of algae in your pool

Constant skimming rids the pool of possible long term problems brought by sinking debris that decomposes hence promoting algae growth. Algae are known to feed on organic matter such as seeds, leaves, spores that may fall on the pool. If care is not taken algae can take hold of your pool in a short while.

On the other hand, dust and dirt bring along bacteria into the pool whereas soaps and lotions change the chemistry of the water in the pool.

Saves time and money

A pool that is not surface cleaned regularly ends up attracting algae growth. Once algae grow in the pool removing and preventing re-growth can be an uphill task. This is because to begin with the algae type on your pool has to be identified, then an algaecide together with a flocculate that will cause all the skeletal remains of the algae to sink, is used. Next, the pool has to be brushed vigorously and more frequently, and the filter backwashed to get rid of dead algae in the pool.

All this process consumes extra costs and time.

Reduces Chances of Accident in pool

If pool surfaces are not adequately skimmed soaps and oils from previous swimmers can cause a build-up of icky scum on walls and the safety metallic poles and stairs in the pool.

These can be extremely dangerous especially for young and inexperienced swimmers because they can quickly lose their grip from a scummy or slippery pole and drown. Always consider the safety of your swimmers.

Ways and Equipment for keeping the surface of the pool clean

The surrounding area of your pool should be kept clean and if possible fenced to prevent children from throwing toys or debris into the water or prevent pets and other animals from transferring dirt regularly into the pool especially during the night when no one is guarding the pool.

Natural habitation surrounding the pool like trees and grass should be trimmed, and the debris swept off and burned to avoid it being blown to the pool.

Using a skimmer, a conscientious pool owner may skim twice or thrice a day, it may not be sufficient enough considering he may not wake up in the night to do the same. So the surest and smartest way to ensure your pool is clean and algae-free is to get rid of surface debris before it ever gets a chance to sink or affect the quality of the water.

Modern technology has come up with equipment that is highly effective and guarantees frequent surface pool cleaning. They not only surface clean but do multiple other cleaning services in the pool under minimal supervision.

There are several highly effective pool surface cleaning equipment that will help clean the surface of your pool regularly, leaving it to sparkle clean. The  Aquabot Pool Rover Jr is one for example. It is highly reliable and cleans both large to small pools with ease and less manual labor.


With your kids and pets trying to enjoy swimming, you need to ensure the cleanliness it utmost care of. Whether you swim regularly or frequently if you own a pool at home it needs to be kept clean and hygienic. It is common knowledge that any foreign item that may be found in a pool finds its way from the surface, so ensuring the surface is regularly skimmed will automatically guarantee a clean pool all the time.


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