fbpx Discount Playground Supply Announces Maxx Clear H2O Surface Conditioner

Discount Playground Supply Announces Maxx Clear H2O Surface Conditioner

Mon, 08/01/2016 - 3:01pm
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Discount Playground Supply

Discount Playground Supply, in conjunction with Greenville Colorants LLC, announces the release of Maxx Clear H2O

Maxx Clear H2O is a crystal clear, water based polymer coating designed to refurbish and preserve existing poured-in-place rubber playground surfacing and running tracks. Its unique formula allows rubber surfaces to keep their elasticity while stopping the deterioration or granulation of the rubber, and the clear coating makes the surface colors look like new again.

"What we really like about this product" explains Debora Siebert, President of Discount Playground Supply "is that it is a water based product and not solvent based like the current products on the market. It can be easily applied with an airless sprayer, which saves considerable labor costs. Cleanup is with soap and water. It is truly a green product"

Over time, the sun's ultra violet light waves break down the polyurethane binder / glue used to bond the rubber granules together of poured-in-place playground surfacing and running tracks. When this happens, the rubber surface starts to granulate, the color fades and the surface in general can become unsafe.  

Much like washing and waxing your car, periodical maintenance of these rubber surfaces is needed to protect and extend their life. Until now, solvent based urethane coatings were used for surface maintenance but solvent base materials can be harmful to the environment and ground water. Conversely, Maxx Clear H2O is water base and is a "green" product ,  

For additional information please visit our website www.discountplaygroundsupply.com



Thomas Siebert was a founding member of Groundscape Technology, pioneering the first water based coating for rubber mulch.  He served on the FO8.63 committee that developed ASTM standards in surfacing as...