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National Toy Hall of Fame Reveals 12 Toy Finalists
by: The Strong
The Strong’s National Toy Hall of Fame in Rochester, New York, today announced the 12 finalists for induction into the hall: American Girl dolls, bubbles, Fisher-Price Little People, Hess Toy Trucks, little green army men, My Little Pony, Operation Skill Game, paper airplane, pots and pans, Rubik’s Cube, Slip’N Slide, and Teenage Mutant Ninja...
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Are playgrounds really safe?
by: Michael Baldwin, CPSI
Is it a reasonable expectation of parents that our children are safe when playing on a playground? Safety standards, especially those related to playground safety surfaces, play a huge role in answering this question. But are the safety standards really safe? It could be argued that they currently are not.
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FreeDigitalPhotos - "Storage Silos" by xedos4
by: Jay Beckwith
There have been many philosophers and researchers who have made play a central subject of their work: Piaget, Huizinga, Rogers, Parten, Bruner, Dewey, Montessori, Vygotsky and many more. These thinkers have enlightened us and given us new insights to guide psychotherapy, education, and parenting. As important and useful as these contributions have...
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Self-competitive play for the differently-abled - Bankshot Sports
by: Reeve Brenner
Dr. Ron J. Turker a pediatric orthopedic surgeon writing in the NY Times, brought attention to The NATIONAL ASSOC FOR RECREATIONAL EQUALITY’S purpose advocating for self competitive play, that is, participation in sports alongside rather than against opponents. No contact, no banging others, “no contest” (title of Alfie Kohn's important book on...
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AquaPlay Giant Rain Fortress
by: Playground Professionals
Lotte World has officially opened the first phase of a three phased Polynesian themed waterpark in Seoul, Korea. This long awaited project boasts a 120,000 square meters waterpark filled with impressive waterslides, wave pools and interactive play structures that take up the equivalent of 17 soccer fields. In the first four months of operations,...
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