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Rubber mats under swings
by: Jay Beckwith
Playground safety expert suggests rubber safety surfaces increases injuries on the playground. Do you agree? Join the discussion.
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Snow tunnel at Fire and Ice Event
by: Rusty Keeler
Well, we’ve done it again. Another successful and fun Fire and Ice Festival at the Anarchy Zone and Ithaca Children’s Garden. That’s right: we need play in winter just as much as summer (maybe more - winters in upstate NY are long and cold!)
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Darumaotoshi(w:ja:だるま) Photographed on 7 January 2006. Source: Photographed by Bpw
by: Bernie DeKoven
The discovery that we can get ourselves to play (or playfulness, or find some way to have something like fun with it all) – almost whenever we want, almost with whatever we feel like playing – is profound and empowering.
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Certified Playground Safety Inspector
by: Kenneth S Kutska, CPSI
Over the past few weeks a series of comments and questions related to the CPSI examination process have surfaced on one of the National Recreation and Park Association’s (NRPA) social/professional networks appropriately named, NRPA Connect. As I reviewed the questions and comments, the primary concern or issue is the requirement to re-certify by...
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Follow IPEMA at the 2015 Conference on the Value of Play
by: International Play Equipment Manufacturers Association IPEMA
We are in Clemson, South Carolina for US Play Coalition’s 2015 Conference on the Value of Play! Follow us on Facebook and Twitter for live updates.
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