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Brachiating on monkey bars
by: Jay Beckwith
Jay Beckwith looks at what he calls "simple-minded studies" that dictate safety standards and risk management mandates that have dumbed down play settings to the point of absurdity. See if you agree.
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Climbing a slide - unintended use - Shutterstock 102166951
by: Kenneth S Kutska, CPSI
Ken Kutska explores the dilemma of new innovative playground equipment's lack of solid definitions for ASTM and CPSC standards. Risk and safety pose the problem of balancing "not too much and not too little" in playground design.
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Unsafe play in polluted water
by: Jay Beckwith
I have come to understand, and to some extent accept, that my effort at making safe places for children to play is a failure. The few good playgrounds are a tiny fraction of the places where most children are. Jay Beckwith addresses the issues that inhibit safe places to play.
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Outdoor fitness equipment
by: Butch DeFillippo
This month is Parks and Recreation Month, and I would like to take this month to let you know about some of the new, interesting, and stirring ideas, programs, and facilities that I have come across lately...ASTM F3101-15, BaseTern, Civic Crowdfunding, and Green Roofs.
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A family walk in nature
by: Anne-Marie Spencer
Is exercise fun? Is it play? Anne-Marie Spencer encourages us to lead active, playful lives and explores the issues of our increasingly sedentary lives. She answers the excuses: It's too difficult. It's boring. I don't have time. I'm too tired.
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