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my fantasy landscape #1" illustration by sunjaya.deviantart
by: Bernie DeKoven
Bernie DeKoven-Playgrounds of the imagination are open whenever we are. They are everywhere we are. We can visit them in bed, on a walk, in the woods, looking up, eyes open or closed. Even when our bodies are no longer as flexible as our minds are, we still have our imagination to keep us free and alive and full of wonder. Imagination. Such a...
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ASTM Standards for Swing Safety
by: Kenneth S Kutska, CPSI
In Part 2 of Ken' Kutska's discussion of ASTM standards for playground safety, he explores the myths and facts surrounding the surfacing threshold debate.
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Outdoor Exercise
by: Julius Francis
Things are constantly changing around us. I remember growing up as a kid being outside most of the time because WE HAD to be outside to find fun things to do. We would make up random games that involved jumping, running, and throwing things, and this was an everyday occurrence after school and on the weekends. As time passed, things started to...
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by: Curtis Stoddard
By Curtis Stoddard, member of the Board of Trustees for the International Playground Contractors Association
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by: Jay Beckwith
When someone says “adventure playground” I, and I suspect most people, have a vision somewhat like the one above and envision a playspace comprised mostly of junk and reclaimed lumber cobbled together into semi-permanent structures. The concept was first introduced in 1943 and not only do a few such playgrounds continue to exist but occasionally a...
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