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Play and Playground Magazine Summer 2015 Inclusion issue
by: Playground Professionals
The digital online version of the latest issue of Play and Playground Magazine all about Inclusion is now available to be read.
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Abernathy Greenway Linear Park - Wonderwall
by: Mara Kaplan
Three new very different playspaces have recently opened in different parts of the country - Abernathy Greenway Linear Park, Magical Bridge Playground, and Casey's Clubhouse. The different approaches that the community took to create these spaces demonstrate the vast possibilities for inclusive design.
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Challenging deckless playground by KOMPAN
by: Jay Beckwith
Jay Beckwith explores the latest trends in playgrounds. The loudest chatter is all about challenge. People are complaining that playgrounds are boring and that their children don’t want to go to them, but this need not be the case.
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Children playing on a school playground during recess. Shutterstock: Mat Hayward
by: Bernie DeKoven
Bernie DeKoven reminds playground manufacturers, sales reps, and owners to remember who and what playgrounds are for - children and FUN! This heartfelt message should be read from time to time to remember the fun!
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A Recipe for Access for All
by: Kenneth S Kutska, CPSI
EQUATION FOR ACCESS FOR ALL Barrier Free Accessible Design Requirements + Inclusive Design Principles + Thorough Safety and Risk Assessment + Accurate Plan Implementation + Ongoing Compliance Management and Practice = Universal/Inclusive Access for All
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