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Sufacing needs regular maintenance
by: John McGovern
We all know the 2010 Standards for Accessible Design requires frequent and regular inspection and maintenance of playground surfaces. But what does regular mean? What does frequent mean? What does maintenance mean?
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What Parents Really Look for at the Playground
by: Scott Hornick
It is no surprise why kids love going to the playground. Being outside, combined with the adventure of all the elements a playground has to offer, it is the perfect place for kids to relax and have fun. But what about the parents? What’s in it for them?
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Imaginary Playgrounds
by: Bernie DeKoven
Imagine imagining a playground, just for the fun of it. A completely imaginary playground that doesn’t need to be strong or safe or public. Your own, private, personal playground that is fun just imagining yourself playing in. Bernie DeKoven and his granddaughter Reina have some ideas!
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US Play Coalition and Association for Childhood Education International
by: US Play Coalition
Recess may be a fun part of a child’s school day, but according to research unveiled in the US Play Coalition’s latest white paper “The Critical Place of Play in Education,” nothing could be more serious – or important. In fact, play is an essential activity that enhances children’s health, well-being, development and capacity to learn.
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Mother and Daughter - Together Counts
by: Healthy Weight Commitment Foundation
On top of their many (many!) roles, Moms are impressive jugglers. They are known to balance work routines with multiple school schedules, errands, team sports, and after school activities—all before getting out the door most mornings. Healthy Weight Commitment Foundation supports busy Moms with free resources to plan active and healthy activities...
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