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Queenie by Cre8Play
by: Butch DeFillippo
We Americans love our “likes,” whether it’s for a funny comment, change in relationship status, or the photo of the dinner you prepared for a loved one. We also love to “check in” at our favorite restaurants, attractions, sporting events, and concerts. Maybe it’s because we like to let our friends and family know what we are doing and all the fun...
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Sudbury Schools, where play and learning go hand in hand
by: Anne-Marie Spencer
Recently, while researching models of play and learning, I came upon an articleUnknown Object on the Psychology Today blog. It stated “the alert, unstressed condition of the playful mind is precisely the condition that has been shown repeatedly, in many psychological experiments, to be ideal for learning and developing skills.”It went on to say...
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American Journal of Play
by: The Strong
Video game play may help promote job-related skills, help teach people complex tasks and abilities, and battle declining mental facilities in old age, according to an examination of video game research published in the most recent issue of The Strong’s American Journal of Play. Authors Adam Eichenbuam, research and teaching assistant University of...
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by: Dr. Kwame M. Brown
I’m going to show you this video and then we are going to have a conversation about it. Not because I want to. But because we need to. This video from Mission San Francisco is indicative of so much, including the erosion of play, cultural exchange, and true community. It is partially an example of entitlement bred by financial wealth and the...
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The Periodic Table of 21st Century Play - by Laura Richardson
by: Jay Beckwith
As we discussed in our last column, Laura Richardson’s insightful The Periodic Table of 21st Century Play poster can a powerful tool in the hands of designers and communities when they seek to create truly human and engaging places that support play. As an illustration of how this can work, I will use Laura’s 11 categories, which she refers to as...
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