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Creativity is contagious, pass it on - Albert Einstein
by: Anne-Marie Spencer
There is a myth that work and play are entirely separate from one another. We work, and then we play. Work hard, play hard. Get one done efficiently so you have time for the other. But what about the creativity needed to be most efficient at work?
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A new baby seat that comes with an iPad mount has some parents and experts worried that children that age are far too young to be getting screen time.
by: Jay Beckwith
Over the past year there have been many articles written about the impact of screen time on children. Such concerns are nothing new. In the ’50s, many of the same dire predictions where rampant over the impact of TV. Interestingly, some of those predictions, such as kids becoming more sedentary on one hand and more informed on the other, turn out...
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Albert Einstein
by: Bernie DeKoven
Trying to make something fun implies that in your heart of hearts you believe it isn’t. Which is why it never works. Not in the long run. Think of the last diet you were on. I know, you probably did your best to make it fun, to, how they say, “gamify” it into a long-term commitment. Maybe you counted calories, or set goals, or joined a club of...
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Voice of Play Board of Advisors, Teresa Hendy
by: International Play Equipment Manufacturers Association IPEMA
The Voice of Play Board of Advisors, comprised of industry experts, supports IPEMA’s efforts to increase the quality and quantity of children’s play and playgrounds. Teri Hendy brings extensive knowledge of the standards and guidelines that apply to the playground industry.
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FreeDigitalPhotos - “Wheelchair” by ponsulak
by: John McGovern
John McGovern gives a clear understanding of the accessibility requirements for playgrounds as directed by the Americans With Disabilities Act. How do the rules apply to local government playgrounds, privately owned playgrounds, church playgrounds, and HOA playgrounds?
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