fbpx Discount Playground Supply Announces Fast Patch Color Addition

Discount Playground Supply Announces Fast Patch Color Addition

Mon, 08/19/2013 - 1:01am
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Cleveland, Ohio –August 14, 2013 - Discount Playground Supply Inc announced today it is expanding the Fast Patch product line to include a blue and green color combination.  Fast Patch Poured-in-Place Surfacing Repair Kits are rapidly becoming the “go to” repair product for many schools, parks, municipalities and child care facilities because it saves them money. No longer do they need to hire an outside contractor.

The blend of Caribbean Blue and Forrest Green rubber is truly great color combination. “It reminds me of the some colors in the ocean.” states Debbie Siebert President of Discount Playground Supply.

Poured in place playground surfacing and many running tracks are a seamless rubber surface consisting of a special type of crumb rubber and moisture cured urethane binder. These types of surfaces are known for their low maintenance, accessibility and longevity, but unfortunately they get damaged, shrink and are expensive to repair when an outside contractor is called.

"There is no sense spending thousands of dollars repairing damaged areas when Fast Patch is so easy to use" explains Mrs. Siebert, “Our customers love these repair kits because of the convenience, simplicity and they just work so well”

Discount Playground Supply is quickly becoming an industry leader in supplying playground parts and accessories to municipalities, parks, schools, and child care facilities. Many items can be purchased online or customers can speak to a Playground Specialist by calling the toll free number 888.760.2499

About Discount Playground Supply: Headquartered in Cleveland, Ohio the company is committed to supplying quality products to the recreation markets.

Thomas Siebert was a founding member of Groundscape Technology, pioneering the first water based coating for rubber mulch.  He served on the FO8.63 committee that developed ASTM standards in surfacing as...

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