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Rubber Surfacing Made Easy

Wed, 07/22/2015 - 1:58pm
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Smart Surface - rubber surface patch product

A new Ecommerce website features recycled rubber surfacing kits for patch and repair on existing surfaces and new projects.

Durable, resilient, safe rubber surfacing is now just a click away for park and recreation departments, playground contractors and homeowners. Novato, CA-based Rubber Smart Surface (RSS) has launched its Ecommerce website focusing on the repair, replacement, and installation of poured in place rubberized surfacing. The website features RSS' new technology that utilizes recycled tires combined with mixed polyurethane to create a soft, pliable, rubber surface that easily bonds to existing rubber surfaces.

The product is conveniently pre-packed for easy mixing and site application in five gallon pails. The complete kit includes colored rubber crumb, polyurethane resin (glue) and a proprietary agent that accelerates the curing process in under one hour. This allows the installer to finish the repair job and leave without a costly return trip. In addition the quick curing repair minimizes downtime and vandalism in public areas enabling the repaired surface to return to service immediately.

The product is tested to ASTM 412 which reflects a high strength bond - tensile strength which increases durability and longevity. The Smart Surface product can be mixed in the existing container, according to the manufacturer. Customers have a choice of five colors: Red, Blue, Green, Tan or Black and 50 -50 black to color.

RSS will initially focus on the Parks and Recreation marketplace where millions of square feet of surfacing installed in the 1990s are currently out of warranty and in need of repair, particularly in the high use areas. The Smart Surface product meets or exceeds the current standards for the Americans With Disabilities Act for accessible surfacing in and around playgrounds. Homeowners and other DIY-ers can also purchase the product for use in projects around the house such as tree wells, bike trainer surfaces, weight lifting areas, toddler play areas, patios, dog kennels and sidewalk areas.

In addition, Rubber Smart Surface is targeting playground contractors through the International Playround Contractors Association and installers in conjunction with Parks and Recreation Departments nationally. This market segment will address the millions of square feet of poured in place rubber in playgrounds that need repair or replacing. RSS offers a tiered pricing structure to qualified installers and contractors in addition to the retail price for the public at large.

This article was originally published in Scrap Tire News, October 2014. www.scraptirenews.com 

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