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Top 5 Most Unusual Playground Games

Wed, 04/18/2018 - 11:34am
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Giant Pyramid in Neptune Park

How did you imagine the perfect playground when you were a kid? It was probably a place that involved a bit of danger, wasn’t it? You wanted to spin fast and climb high, even though you knew it was risky.

How do you envision the perfect playground now, as a parent? The image that comes to your mind is probably similar to the boring playgrounds we see all over the place. They are designed all around safety. Do you want some science that proves you have a wrong perception of the perfect playground? Scientists found that thrilling and risky children’s play has anti-phobic effects. When you prevent your kids to take part in risky play, you’re driving them towards neuroticism.  

Why is risk important? So they will learn. Everything in life is a risk. When your kid gets into college, each academic paper will be a risk to their grade. Will you encourage them to take that risk and do their best, or will you support a risk-free experience, such as getting the paper from EssayGeeks.co.uk? You get the point, right? They will learn more if they try, even if they fail.

Games and activities prepare children for such real situations, where they will have to face fears and take risks. The perfect playground is somewhere in between a parent’s concept of safety and a child’s concept of adventure. Of course, it must be safe because you don’t want your kids to get hurt, but it should also involve some risk-taking and thrilling activities. The most unusual playground games around the world confirm that fact. Here comes the list:

The Climbing Pyramid at Neptune Park in Saratoga Springs, Utah

A 30-feet tall pyramid is not something you’d like your child to climb? Well, this climbing pyramid at the Neptune Park will give your kid the feeling that they are at the top of the world. They don’t need to climb all the way up. Even when they get off the ground just a bit, the experience can be highly beneficial for them.

The rope structure inside the pyramid ensures the maximum level of safety. This structure has the same safety rankings as the usual playground equipment. To a parent, it looks scary. To a child, climbing is the best game ever!

The Airplane Slide in Ukraine

Nothing about airplanes could be plain and boring. When you add a slide to a real airplane, the excitement is limitless. And sliding is a key element of play. Yes; your kid will get a bit tired climbing up the long, twisted staircase. Don’t worry; they will be fine. As soon as they get to see and feel the plane up close, they will be thrilled!

The Long Slides in Okinawa

The playground slides in Okinawa make the usual slides look like the most boring thing in the world. Some of these slides are too dangerous for kids, but others are completely safe even though they look scary.

In the parks across Okinawa, you’ll find more kid-friendly slides that won’t scare you off. But do allow your kid to explore!

Roller Silde in Toberu-Koen park

The Blue Whale in Goteborg, Sweden

Your kid is mesmerized by the story of Pinocchio, who got swallowed by a whale? It would be so cool to have a huge whale on a playground, wouldn’t it? Well, the kids in Sweden get to enjoy that dream in reality.

This whale supports safe but unusual activities that will spark a kid’s imagination.  

Fairfield Adventure Park in Sydney, Australia

Australia is well-known for its safe and clean playgrounds, but the Fairfield Adventure Park takes things to the next level. It allows kids to climb a high frame, climb through rocks, or even go through tires like in real military training.

The activities on this playground are really fun, but they also offer a great physical exercise.

Slides in Fairfield Adventure Park

Are you inspired to let your kid play? I mean – really play? It’s time to loosen up a bit and meet your child’s vision of good fun halfway.


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