Cre8Play Turns Grain Silos into a Playground

Wed, 08/01/2018 - 3:09pm
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Twin Silos Play structure by Cre8Play

One of the most interesting structures designed/built this past year by Cre8Play was for the City of Fort Collins. They were challenged to build interactive play into two repurposed grain silos. Both silo structures are the “high” light of a larger play environment. The first Silo includes a double-helix climber to the very top of the structure with an interactive slide with a green-light / red-light censor and various sounds in the tube slide which starts in one silo and passes through the other. The second silo has a zip-line from it that jets out to the play area.

Watch for an in-depth article about this structure in the fall issue of Play and Playground magazine.

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Fantastic. What was the cost.

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