fbpx How to Afford and Plan the Perfect Backyard Playground

How to Afford and Plan the Perfect Backyard Playground

Tue, 10/13/2020 - 9:26pm
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Do you still think about the playground you used as a kid and how much fun it was? Things were different then: you could go on your own without supervision, everything was made of metal and if you fell, you landed hard. Although neighborhood playground conditions have improved over the decades, there's nothing better than one in your own backyard.

How Will You Pay For It?

You have pretty much decided to give your kids the home playground of their dreams. Now the question is, how will you pay for it? If you have a credit union savings account, it might be easier than you think.

Credit unions have many different ways to save and many website tools to help you choose the right option for your family. If you decide to take advantage of direct deposit, you will hardly miss the money, not be tempted to spend it on something else, and will be able to just sit back and watch your savings grow.

What Will It Look Like?

Now that you're well on the way to being able to afford the perfect playground for your kids, it's time to start dreaming about what it will look like and how it will get there.

While you're waiting for your money to grow, have your kids list the features they hope their playset will have. Also, have them draw pictures for you. You may have to explain that it can't really have a rocket launcher or mermaid lagoon but there should be some other features in their drawings that you can actually incorporate.

What About Safety Features?

You can think about the features that will make you happy as well. Your kids may want a tower but will it be safe and fall-proof? Make sure the slide won't deposit one child in front of another's swing and consider what the ground cover will be.

What is under the playground set is a very important consideration. First, the ground needs to be level. If it isn't, a professional grader can be hired to come in and level it.

Next, you certainly don't want your kids to be subjected to splinters, cuts, or bruises from a hard landing. Explore the different ground cover options and decide on the one that has the features most appealing to you.

Who Will Build It?

If you have expert-level carpentry skills, there are many DIY plans and directions online. Be certain first that you really do have the time and skill to undertake a project this big.

Maybe you're somewhere in the middle skill-wise. Some companies like Home Depot sell kits for you to put together.

If you prefer to have someone else do everything, companies like this one deliver and set up the playground for you. All you need to do is watch them and try to hold the kids back until they're done.

If being able to afford it was previously the biggest stumbling block in building a home playground, now comes the fun part.

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