fbpx 5 Ways to Prepare Your Backyard Playset for a Safe Spring

5 Ways to Prepare Your Backyard Playset for a Safe Spring

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Children love playing. It’s just part of them. They love playing with their friends in all sorts of games. That’s why schools combine education and sports. A child who is not allowed to play outside can get sick or become a slow learner. Have you ever looked at those children who just love staying indoors all the time sleeping or watching T.V? Most of them are lazy, sluggish and unhappy. And they rarely perform well in class.

Every child needs to play outside to be healthy and happy. Playgrounds are fun for kids. They get to enjoy themselves while exercising and breathing fresh air. Therefore, it is of utmost importance for parents to ensure that careless behavior, faulty equipment or uneven surfaces don’t spoil the fun.

A study conducted revealed that approximately two hundred thousand kids are admitted to hospitals every year due to playground injuries. In fact, most of the accidents could have been prevented through supervision.

Your playground can be safe and entertaining for your children through checking and removing faulty equipment and any other potential hazards that can injure your child. It’s also important to teach your kids how to play safely to avoid accidents. They are not likely to get injured if they understand the rules.

Here are some of the best tips you can use to prepare your backyard playset for a safe spring. As the popular saying goes, it’s better safe than sorry.   


As we said earlier, most playground accidents can be easily prevented through adult supervision. Kids are always curious. They want to try out something new every time. If left alone, they often engage in unsafe behavior. That’s why you should not leave your child to play outside alone. If he or she injures himself or herself, you will be there to help.

According to custom essay services, most children cannot foresee dangerous situations. They just want to live and enjoy themselves at the moment. And this can be dangerous for them. Some kids enjoy testing their limits. It could be through competition or just having fun. You should be around to ensure that they don’t go overboard.

Before allowing your child to play, check the area and ensure that every equipment is working properly. While your child is playing, be on the look in case anything happens.


To reduce or eliminate severe injuries on the playground, a soft cushioning surface is important. The surface should also be soft and thick to reduce the impact when your child falls down. When looking at the surface, there are a few things you should consider.

  • Do not allow your child to play on concrete, asphalt or any other hard surface. It is very unsafe. Occasionally, you can let him or her play on grass or soil surfaces but you should watch out because the weather could have reduced the cushioning capacity thus making it unsafe.
  • The surface should be free of rocks, stagnant water, tree roots or anything that can cause your kid to trip and fall.
  • Avoid surfaces with dangerous objects such as broken glasses and sharp metal.
  • The surface can be composed of mulch, shredded rubber, or wood chips. However, keep in mind that wood chips contain chromated copper and it can pose health hazards.
  • Using rubber mats is the best alternative because they are cushioning and not slippery.

While proper surfacing should be always considered, it’s not a guarantee that your children will not get injured. The height of equipment available will determine the impact children have when they fall from it.

Spacing and design

There are different designs for different age groups. Younger children should not play together with older kids because their risk of getting injured is quite high. Younger children should not use equipment designed for older kids because the size is not ideal for them and this can lead to serious injuries. The same applies to older kids. They should not use equipment meant for younger kids because small spaces are likely to injure them.

Ensure that the equipment has guard rails and other protective tools such as ramps if it’s elevated. Seesaws, swings and any other equipment that moves should be in a separate area away from the playground.

Check and close all spaces that could trap your child’s head, hands or any body part. The equipment should be wide enough to accommodate your child comfortably.

Equipment Maintenance

It is always important to look at your equipment regularly and ensure it’s well-maintained and cleaned thoroughly. You should remove any broken or non-functioning equipment. Check for cracks or rusting equipment. The equipment should be made using high-quality materials to prevent falling apart or being worn down by the weather.

Look for any sharp unfinished edge that can cut your child or tear his or her clothes. Loose bolts should be tightened to prevent the equipment from falling apart.

Educate your children

If you just stick around and your children don’t understand the playing rules, they will probably hurt themselves many times. Your child should be safe by acting in a responsible manner when playing.

Educate your child on how to use dissertation writing service and playground equipment safely. He or she should avoid climbing on the guardrail or standing on a swing. If the activity needs protective gear, teach your child how to wear the gear and play.

A child who acts responsibly does not need to be supervised all the time when playing. But you should do it as a precaution.


The methods discussed above are some of the safest and easiest to implement at any time. Supervising your child will help you understand his or her behavior and how you can teach him to act responsibly on the playground. Never allow your child to play without supervision.

Your children should play outside as much as they want. They should play with other children of the same age group to have fun and be healthy. As a parent, it is your responsibility to protect your child when playing outside. Start using the methods discussed above to reduce accidents and injuries.

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