fbpx Noah's Park & Playgrounds teams with the St. Luke's United Methodist Church to bring new indoor & outdoor playgrounds to Edmond campus

Noah's Park & Playgrounds teams with the St. Luke's United Methodist Church to bring new indoor & outdoor playgrounds to Edmond campus

Tue, 10/11/2016 - 12:53pm
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EDMOND, OKLAHOMA-  St. Luke’s United Methodist Church chose Edmond-based, Noah’s Park & Playgrounds, to design and install four new indoor and outdoor playground structures for their new Edmond campus building located at 900 N. Sooner Road (west side of I-35 in Edmond, OK.).

On Sunday, October 16th, after a long, exciting wait, St. Luke’s United Methodist Church will finally open its doors to both current, and hopefully new members, to its brand new, beautiful, Edmond campus building, complete with four new playground structures, all designed and installed by Noah’s Park & Playgrounds.

          When starting the new-campus building process, the church leaders knew it was important, for both church members, the campus’ on-site Child Development Center, and Edmond families, that an indoor and outdoor playground could be very beneficial and help build a foundation of excitement and play for children of all ages. That’s when they turned to the playground experts at Noah’s Park & Playgrounds to help with the design and installation process.

          Noah’s Park & Playgrounds’ sales and design team presented the church leaders with many customizable options for the three outdoor playgrounds. After only 2 to 3 color and component design revisions, the church leaders landed on purchasing three outdoor, custom playground structures for ages 6-24 months, 2-5 years, and 5-12 years of age, matching in a blue, green and red color scheme as well as a one-of-a-kind indoor playground designed for children age 2-12 years of age.

          The 6-24 month old, outside playground area is perfect for children who are crawling, new-walkers, or children who are in need of ADA accessible playground equipment. This ground level panel structure is complete with a crawl tube, drum panel, gear panel, tic-tac-toe panel, bench panel, bubble panel, store front panel, car panel and captain’s wheel, all perfect for early childhood developmental stage learning.

          The 6’ tall ADA accessible, custom 2-5 year age playground is completed with an ADA transfer station, straight tube slide, double bedway straight slide, pod climber, ladder climber, bubble panel and store front panel.

          The 14’ tall ADA accessible, custom 5-12 year age playground is completed with an ADA transfer station, single right curve slide, two spiral slides, double bedway right curve slide, railing ladder climber, leaf climber, angled rock climber, rock climber, rope C climber, spiral step climber, bone bridge, tic-tac-toe panel, clock panel and gear panel.

          Along with the three structures to accommodate children of all ages, the church purchased Xccent’s Monarch Climber and the Periwinkle Rocker for the 2-5 and 5-12 age playground areas. The church topped off the entire outdoor playground site with thick, 2 1/8” padded, green Thatch Turf surfacing, and four custom sail shades in sandstone and blue, which will help shade all of the playgrounds during hot summer, Oklahoma days.

Specializing in indoor playgrounds, Atomic Playgrounds worked with Noah’s sales team to present St. Luke’s leaders an indoor playground that will work for children of all ages at the church and the surrounding community. This three level indoor playground is completed with and ADA accessible station, two wavy straight slides, mini double slide, crawl tubes with lookouts, punching bags, two moon walk climbers, a zig-zag climber, twist n’ tangle, a cave crawl, web platforms, web levels, spider maze panel and clubhouse section.

In addition to the indoor playground, the church completed the play area with an Everlast 10’ Standard Climbing Wall, standing (height of wall?) feet tall, with red safety mats for fall protection.

“The kids absolutely love all the playgrounds,” says St. Luke’s Pastor of Campus Operations, Drew Haynes. “In fact, I think parents are happy their kids love all the playgrounds, but they’re not happy with how hard it is to get their kids to leave! We believe it is important to invest in our children’s spiritually, emotionally, intellectually and physically, and Noah’s helped us towards accomplishing that mission.”

Noah’s Park & Playgrounds’ installation crew, with the help of Atomic’s indoor playground installation crew, built all four indoor and outdoor custom playgrounds this past August and September, just in time for the churches grand opening in mid-October.

About Noah’s Park & Playgrounds

Since 2001, Noah’s Park & Playgrounds has provided commercial-grade park and playground equipment, on a national level, to housing communities, schools, churches, daycare facilities, special-need centers, non-profit organizations, city parks, developers, and many more. Noah’s Park & Playgrounds provides a vast selection of items from early childhood playgrounds, indoor playgrounds, ADA accessible play pieces, outdoor fitness equipment, sports equipment, and park amenities such as tables, benches, trash cans, bleaches, and shades. Noah’s Park & Playgrounds specializes in design and bid consultation, commercial playground installation services and custom playground design services.

For more information about the St. Luke’s United Methodist Church playground design and installation project, call Cristen at (877) 248-5444 or email [email protected].

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