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2006-2007 Buyer's Guide Industry Biographies

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Adventure Playground
Systems, Inc.
10845 Church Ln.
Houston, TX 77043
Phone: 888-935-2112
Fax: 713-935-9633
Web: www.adventureplaysystems.com
E-mail: [email protected]

Adventure Playground Systems is a Texas-based company that manufactures a broad range of products for the playground and park and recreation industries.

The company caters specifically to the multi-family industry as well as school districts, parks daycare centers, and churches.

Products include everything from children and toddler play structures, shade structures and swing sets to picnic tables, BBQ pits, trash receptacles and more.

At APS, each client has input on how his play system is designed. Consideration of project size, budgets and age, and number of children are all used to create a uniquely tailored playground layout. At APS, client needs are the highest priority from start to finish.

American Swing Products
2533 N. Carson St., #1062
Carson City, NV 89706
Phone: 800-433-2573
Fax: 775-883-2384
Web: www.americanswing.com
E-mail: [email protected]

American Swing Products was started in 1986. It offers swing products to public and private schools, parks, daycares and individuals.

American Swing Products takes pride in service with in-stock products, normally shipping within two days.

Many municipalities quote American’s products when asking for bids because they know of the high quality of its merchandise. Most products are tested by national testing standards in Anaheim, Calif. Test results are available in American Swing Products’ catalog.

BCI Burke
Company, LLC
660 Van Dyne Road
P.O. Box 549
Fond du Lac, WI 54936-0549
Phone: 800-266-1250
Fax: 920-921-9566
Web: www.bciburke.com

When it comes to choosing a playground equipment company with a long-lasting value, it is vital to choose one that is committed and proven to serve the customer before, during and after the sale. Burke’s partnership with its sales representatives is a key factor in providing the best overall value because it is not the lowest cost at the time of purchase that counts the most, but the total cost of ownership.

As the oldest playground company in the United States, BCI Burke’s team is committed to designing, engineering and building only the highest quality playground, park, and recreation equipment. Countless exciting, innovative and imaginative company projects are happening that play up the Burke core values of affordable quality and ongoing customer service that is second to none. Child development and safety are also key considerations in the manufacturing of the Burke product.

Burke’s 85-year history of dedication to innovative products never stops—such as in signature pieces like the Satellite Climber, the Adventure Climb, the Spiral Climber and the Rocky Mountain Adventure Climber. Imagination shines in the award-winning Genesis Series, the first play system designed especially for preschoolers; and the first-ever Monster Slide. All Burke play events confirm that its commitment to kids’ growth, development and just plain having safe fun is paramount. Its distinctive products such as the Nature Play Tree House and Circuit Play amplify Burke’s boundless passion for safe and imaginative kids’ play.

New to Burke are the StarNet Cable Climbers with the unique five-sided design, which creates more kid capacity and play value at an affordable price. Designed for an exciting new dimension in playground fun, StarNet Climbers create the feeling of climbing in free space. Also available are GeoSculpt Boulders, unique climbing boulders that combine maximum play value with realistic hand-sculpted climbers.

Burke boasts the longest, strongest warranty in the playground industry including 100-year limited coverage on posts, clamps, fastening systems and hardware; a 25-year limited warranty on spring assemblies and aluminum cast animals; and a 15-year limited warranty on plastics.

Burke products meet or exceed the guidelines of the U.S. Consumer Products Safety Commission (CPSC) and the standards of ASTM International. In addition, Burke is a founding and active member of International Play Equipment Manufacturer’s Association (IPEMA).

Beckwith Associates, Inc.
P.O. Box 880
Forestville, CA 95436
Phone: 707-824-9349
Fax: 707-824-9567
Web: www.boldr.com
E-mail: [email protected]

Sports climbing is one the hottest activities around. The popularity of climbing couldn’t come at a better time due to the increasing concern about the poor health and fitness of children associated with improper diet and lack of exercise. Climbing offers the physical activity so often lacking from children’s lifestyles today. Best of all, its fun!

The Problem? Before BOLDR, most kids didn’t have access to an exciting and convenient place to practice climbing. In the five years since the introduction of BOLDR’s trainer and sports climbing into parks and schools, this concept has become a mainstream playground feature. BOLDR recognizes the differences kids notice between what’s real and what’s a “poser.” This drives BODLR to create a product that offers a realistic and fun challenge for kids.

Climbing, when you have a firm grip, is great fun. Climbing on slippery surfaces can be dangerous and not much fun. Popular climbing rocks, whether real or artificial, will eventually polish and become unusable. The BOLD Naturals and Crystal Climber are manufactured with a revolutionary material, PolyFiberCrete. This surface has a texture that rivals the very best natural stone. In addition, BOLDR climbers can be renewed indefinitely with just a light cleaning.

BOLDR is real. It’s cool. Kids want to climb…let ‘em.

7721 New Market St.
Olympia, WA 98501
360-528-8697 or 866-814-8697
Fax: 360-528-8680
Web: www.bigtoys.com
E-mail: [email protected]

BigToys offers you a responsible choice for environmentally friendly play equipment by using 100 percent reclaimed steel and recycled plastic or EPA approved, with its conditioned wood their unique structural system. In the interest of child health and safety, BigToys play equipment contains no PVC!

BigToys enhance beautiful settings, and its age appropriate designs encourage children of all age groups to play, exercise, think, communicate and cooperate. Patented activities including BigToys’ Rock ‘n Cross, TurnAcross, and SkyGame provide equal emphasis on physical skill development and social interaction. BigToys and EarlyWorks offer a complete solution for any play environment.

The BigToys’ Rock ‘n Cross redefines the large seesaws of our youth by combining a multi-rider teeter-totter with a dynamic overhead activity! The patented design of the Rock ‘n Cross removes the dangers of traditional teeter-totters by eliminating pinch points and sudden stops through the use of an internal spring-assisted action. It hasn’t limited the fun though, as riders experience the same movements and sensations we all seemed to love as kids.

110 Charleston Dr., Ste. 106
Mooresville, NC 28117
Phone: 800-447-3349
Fax: 704-664-1409
Web: www.childforms.com
E-mail: [email protected]

Childforms is a premier supplier of Early Childhood play equipment and products for the park and recreation industry. Childforms is able to service your playground needs in many different ways. The Child Shapers play structures offer unparalleled play value, are easy to install and offer a limited 10-year warranty. With four different models to choose from, you are sure to find a structure within your budget or space requirements.

In addition to the new modular equipment, Childforms also offers a full line of freestanding, ADA-accessible play events that add excitement to any playground setting. As with its play structures, these items offer affordable, easy-to-install additions to any play area.

Lastly, Childforms is the industry leader when it comes to maintaining the surfacing area around your playground. Childforms Funtimbers are the highest quality, most cost-effective border system for retaining your safety surfacing. They also feature the patented snap-in-spike, drain vents and an unparalleled 10-year warranty. Available in both 8- and 12-inch heights, they are sure to provide a solution to all of your containment needs, regardless of surfacing depth or type. The new 8-inch height works perfectly for the early childhood market, especially when coupled with the Child Turf recycled rubber safety surfacing. When coupled with Childforms’ ADA/Wheelchair accessible ramp, you are able to provide an economical, permanent solution for ADA accessibility to the playground.

2725 Lockwood
Ottawa, ON K4C 1B6 Canada
Phone: 613-833-2220
Or (Canada & US): 800-790-0034
Fax: 613-833-9990
Web: www.dynamosports.com

Dynamo has been pioneering unique playground games for over 15 years and revolutionizing the playground industry with its cutting-edge rope structures and climbing boulders. From rotating climbers to the world famous Biggo Swing, Dynamo has something to entice the kid in all of us back to the playground!

Dynamo combines the fun of climbing, the thrill of motion and dynamic games incorporating motor skill development, balance, exercise and group play while exceeding industry standards in play value and playground safety. No playground is complete without a Dynamo structure. Come and play for yourself!

150 GameTime Dr.
Fort Payne, AL 35967
Phone: 800-235-2440
Fax: 256-845-9361
Web: www.gametime.com
E-mail: [email protected]

As the leader in the playground industry for over 77 years, GameTime understands the importance of safety, durability, and versatility in your play environment. It’s this company’s goal to make working with it comfortable for its customers, from design through installation, with the knowledge that GameTime has time-tested experience and will be there in the future to answer your questions. From innovations like the pioneering new Xscape system (shown) to the exciting new Zip Slides, GameTime offers you play environments that challenge a child’s imagination, develop strength, and provide fitness opportunities to keep kids healthy! Log on to its website to find out about the complete line of playground equipment, surfacing, spray parks and more, or call 800-235-2440 for a copy of the new catalog.

P.O. Box 117
Ashland, MA 01721
Phone: 877-Goric-US 467-4287
Phone: 508-881-0942
Fax: 508-881-0943
Web: www.goric.com

The Goric team considers themselves “play enthusiasts” fueled by the thought of children climbing endlessly on its exhilarating play equipment. Goric wants to see all children of all abilities and ages playing in harmony together, growing as a community, with one goal in mind—climbing to the next level.

For more than 25 years Goric has been building playgrounds as the leader in new designs and concepts. Over the past eight years, the new generation of play equipment has become its main focus, and the Berliner cable net playscapes and play structures have developed into extremely interesting additions to the traditional play equipment in public parks.

The Berliner cable net equipment offers challenging activities that capture children’s attention and imagination. Physical fitness, coordination and upper body development, as well as group cohesion and interactive play, are the essential benefits of the cable net equipment.

It is fascinating to see how well children with disabilities can participate in almost all activities these netscapes provide.

The Berliner cable net equipment is designed applying the highest technical standards with many patented hardware features that ensure that the equipment meets and exceeds all requirements for public spaces.

To make the playground even more exciting, Goric is promoting the all modern Conlastic Play Points. These freestanding “riders” are all about movement, spinning, swaying, turning and balancing. Almost all of these “Play Points” are accessible and encourage children to work together with the common idea of having fun and making the equipment work.

Children play on this innovative equipment every day throughout the United States and all around the world. You can find their playgrounds at beaches, city rooftops, parks, schools, on hillsides and other such “challenging” landscapes. There may just be one in your neighborhood! Call the play enthusiasts at Goric to find your local representative, and request the new Goric catalog today.

Grounds for Play, Inc.

Bill Evans - Director of marketing

& Sales
1401 E. Dallas St.
Mansfield, TX 76063
Phone: 817-477-5482
Toll Free: 800-552- PLAY (7529)
Fax: 817-477-1140
Web: www.groundsforplay.com

Grounds for Play, founded in 1983, began as an outgrowth of the consulting and research of its founder, Eric Strickland, Ph.D. From its origin as a small company, it has grown steadily to exert influence on the playground industry far beyond what its size would indicate. Grounds for Play is the premier design/build playground company specializing in comprehensive outdoor play and learning environments.

It was built on an understanding of children and owned and operated by educators. Both Dr. Eric Strickland and Dr. Jim Dempsey have completed extensive research and writing on children’s play and play environments. They also have practical experience as teachers and directors in early childhood and elementary settings.

They’re dedicated to planning whole environments that work for kids and caregivers. Grounds for Play can master-plan your play environment and design and build fall zones, picnic areas, outdoor classrooms, trike tracks, various play zones ( e.g., dramatic and sensory), storage, fences, and landscaping. Its experience in creating thousands of play environments helps eliminate the normal headaches of poor design including difficult supervision, conflicting play behaviors, wasted space, an overabundance of one type of play and unsafe play behavior. The collective experience of the team at Grounds for Play is used to both create new environments and to redevelop existing playgrounds.

One Iron Mountain Dr.
Farmington, MO 63650
Phone: 888-458-2752
Fax: 573-760-7465
Web: www.playpower.com/hags

HAGS is a leading manufacturer of playground equipment and street furniture products for outdoor environments. All development and production are carried out using the latest technology and methods at our plants in Aneby and Motala, Sweden. HAGS products reflect the firm foundations on which its reputation is built: good design, safety, quality and a responsible attitude toward the environment. Safety is a fundamental factor when designing and developing products for children. Planning an area for children to play requires expertise. At HAGS, our knowledge is based on years of practical experience and close cooperation with numerous universities and organizations. With more than 50 years of experience, HAGS continues to provide new opportunities for you to plan playgrounds and outdoor environments.

International Play Company (IPC)
2021 98th Ave.
Langley, BC V2m 3G1
Phone: 604-882-1188
Fax: 604-882-1977
Web: www.iplayco.com

For International Play Company (IPC) “Innovation through design” is more than just a slogan; IPC lives this philosophy. Perhaps this is why IPC is often referred to as “The Innovators.”

A worldwide supplier of children’s indoor and outdoor play structures, IPC has taken the design and manufacture of play structures and turned it into an art form. Supplying traditional, interactive and themed play equipment, IPC’s custom products can be found in over 50 countries on five continents.

Its skilled staff makes the difference, with over 100 years of combined playground design, manufacturing, and construction experience, and is committed to the industry and its customers. This attitude allows IPC to meet any design, manufacturing or installation challenge that may be faced. It is IPC’s belief that this is why a growing number of customers every year turn to IPC to develop, design, manufacture and install play equipment for their family entertainment centers, recreation centers, restaurants, parks, schools, daycares, fitness centers etc.

IPC’s outdoor play products include its new value-priced Basics Series, which features challenging and fun fitness-oriented play equipment designed to meet the exercise needs of children as they grow older. Built for durability and strength, the IPC outdoor product line includes the strongest decks in the industry and the IPC ECS (Easy Clamp) system. IPC also specializes in custom designs created to meet the need for something out of the ordinary, or just something a little different.

IPC products include high-quality children’s soft modular indoor playgrounds with a range of new products such as:

The new 36-inch Large Tube series providing unsurpassed accessibility, safety and passing routes by staff and parents;

Toddler Soft Fun play areas;

Interactive Scavenger Hunts, electronic score-counters, lights, actions, sounds, themed play with integrated activities;

Obstacle Course challenges with start, stop and score timers;

Problem-solving games and tiered age group challenge play components, including Electronic Sports Arenas with giant soccer/football pitches which include electronic goalies, targets, and score counters;

Intelli-Play systems and much more.

IPC was founded on a commitment to play; it is this philosophy which is held foremost in its commitment to children. Its mission is to build an imaginative, strong and extremely durable product that not only meets but exceeds the most stringent safety standards worldwide. Customers expect it, and the children deserve it.

Park-Recreation Corp.
P.O. Box 477
Janesville, IA 50647
Phone: 800-553-2476
Fax: 319-987-2900
Web: www.kaypark.com

America’s finest park equipment has been manufactured by Kay Park-Recreation Corp. since 1954. Its product line includes picnic tables, charcoal grills, park and player benches, drinking fountains, bike racks, bleachers, litter receptacles, planters, rental-duty pedal boats, highway transportable “speedy bleachers” and more. Kay Park offers a wide variety of styles, sizes, materials, and colors with their hundreds of outdoor amenities to let you choose exactly what you want.

Unique Playgrounds
7717 New Market St.
Olympia, WA 98501
Phone: 800-426-9788 or local 360-943-6374
Fax: 360-943-5575
Web: www.kompan.com
E-mail: [email protected]

KOMPAN is committed to providing children with an exciting, meaningful and challenging play experience through the creation of unique playgrounds.

For over 30 years, KOMPAN has grown to be a world leader in the playground industry. It has led the way by putting into action the philosophies and concepts that inspire award-winning playground designs.

KOMPAN’s design team, with knowledge gained through ongoing research performed by its child development experts at the KOMPAN Institute, has created play equipment intended for use by children of all abilities.

Its focus on children, quality design, and the environment have helped to develop a product portfolio that provides a playground that is safe, long lasting and unique. Explore the world of KOMPAN.

Structures, Inc.
601 7th St. South
P.O. Box 198
Delano, MN 55328-0198
Phone: 888-4FUNLSI
Fax: 763-972-5297
Web: playlsi.com

Landscape Structures, Inc. is a leading international manufacturer of premier commercial playground equipment and Skatewave modular skateparks. From playgrounds to skateparks to cool climbing innovations like Mobius climbers and Spacenet climbers, you’ll find something for kids of all ages and abilities and stay within your budget. Founded in 1971 by Barb and Steve King, Landscape Structures is committed to enhancing children’s lives by fostering and creating inspiring play experiences while honoring the environment.

Landscape Structures offers three lines of play systems including PlayBooster, PlayShaper, and PlaySense. PlayBooster is the perfect line of playground equipment for kids ages 5 to 12. It is strong on imagination and engineering and fits the curiosity and physical needs of growing children. PlayShaper equipment is designed with pint-sized preschoolers in mind. Best for 2- to 5-year-olds, PlayShaper playgrounds are where beginners rule. PlaySense, its value line, offers unlimited fun for limited budgets. Choose from 19 complete designs with your choice of post colors.

Mobius climbers are the newest climbing innovation from Landscape Structures. With its sleek and unique design, Mobius climbers could pass for modern art, but every inch was designed to delight and challenge kids. It’s available in a three-, six-, seven- and 12-panel configuration to fit every budget and site. This thrilling climber celebrates the art of play.

Landscape Structures’ line of Spacenet climbers provides an entirely new dimension in play. Spacenet climbers are imaginative, three-dimensional webs made of durable, climber-friendly Corocord cable. Only authentic Spacenet climbers use the exclusive black fleck design of Corocord cables—the highest quality available. UV-stable, vandal-resistant and virtually maintenance-free, Spacenet climbers are available in eight designs and add play value to any playground.

Skatewave modular skateparks provide an unmatched level of creativity and flexibility, which produces a more rider-centered design. Skatewave’s ultra-modular system lets planners create an array of custom-configured skateparks. And as the needs of the riders change, a new surface can be integrated and designs can be reconfigured to provide a fresh new riding experience.

When you choose Landscape Structures for your playground and skatepark needs, you’ll get the service you deserve, personalized design and superior engineering. If you can dream it, Landscape Structures can build it.

Miracle Recreation Equipment Company
878 Hwy 60
P.O. Box 420
Monett, MO 65708
Phone: 888-458-2752
Fax: 417-235-6816
Web: www.miracle-recreation.com

Miracle Recreation Equipment Company is one of the oldest and largest manufacturers of playground equipment and park amenities in the United States, with millions of satisfied customers worldwide. That’s why it is “The Recreation Expert.” As a member of the PlayPower family of companies, Miracle is a one-stop source for all your recreation needs. Certified to ISO 9001, Miracle creates innovative play equipment for parks, schools, hospitals, military bases, churches and many other play environments, and has done so for over 75 years. Its global network of dedicated consultants assists its customers from design through installation of every Miracle play system. Miracle’s fun and innovative products conform to the industry’s most demanding standards and guidelines for quality, safety, and accessibility. For more information, contact your Miracle consultant.

Park Structures
430 Chestnut St., Ste. 300
Chattanooga, TN 37402
Phone: 800-727-1907
Fax: 423-425-3172
Web: www.parkstructures.com
E-mail: [email protected]

Park Structures is an innovative playground manufacturer on the cutting edge of product design with a company-wide commitment to quality, world-class manufacturing, and outstanding customer service. Park Structures is taking the playground industry by storm with its innovative new product offerings, which include the Avalanche triple sectional slide, MaxClimb modular climbing system, and the new Apex climbing components. Playground equipment at its best is what Park Structures offers its customers by always keeping kids’ fun and safety in mind throughout the design process. Visit Park Structures online or give them a call for more information.

150 Adamson Industrial Blvd.
Carrollton, GA 30117
Phone: 800-356-4727
Fax: 770-834-6495
Web: www.playland-inc.com

Playland has been proudly making fun for over 20 years. With over 200,000 square feet of manufacturing space and some of the most highly trained staff in the industry, it strives for one goal: excellence in play. With its commitment to packing the most intense, exhilarating features into every Playland playground environment, the only thing to add is the children. With over 100 proud Playland Playground Planners worldwide, assistance is only a phone call away. Remember, we are building “Tomorrow’s Play Environments Today.”

Play Mart, Inc.
P.O. Box 4050
West Somerset, KY 42564
Phone: 800-43-PLAYS
Fax: 606-678-0911
Web: www.playmart.com
E-mail: [email protected]

This year, Play Mart celebrates 25 years in the playground industry, many of those as the leading manufacturer of Recycled Plastic Play Systems. To commemorate the occasion, Play Mart is introducing an exclusive new 100 percent Recycled Structural Plastic (RSP). This plastic lumber, composed of 100 percent reclaimed HDPE (high-density polyethylene)—recycled milk jugs—comprises Play Mart playgrounds’ main structural components. RSP is virtually maintenance free: no splinters, splitting, staining, painting, or sanding. RSP is backed by a 100-year warranty, one of the best in the industry. Buyers worried about recycling mandates and restrictions can now cooperate with the Presidential mandate to “buy recycled end products and contribute to domestic energy conservation.” Play Mart gives you the choice of a recycled product that not only meets all the national and international safety guidelines and laws (ASTM, CPSC, CSA, EN, and ADA) but also closes the recycling circle. Buying Play Mart’s recycled products has both economic and environmental benefits.

You can browse Play Mart’s online catalogs of age and ability appropriate (ADA-accessible) commercial play systems, park and site amenities on their website. Surf through pages of play systems for preschool age children (2-5 years) and elementary age children (5-12 years), fitness equipment for older children and adults, swings, park amenities (benches, tables, trash receptacles), and ADA accessible components for all ages. Play Mart’s equipment comes in two sizes: Mega 6- by 6-inch recycled posts and Mini 4- by 4-inch recycled posts. Each playground can be modified with a variety of color choices ranging from bright and primary to subdued and natural.

The company’s products are distributed through a network of wholesale dealers based throughout the USA and a limited number of international dealers. Customers include state, county and city parks, private and public schools, private and public housing, private and public daycare facilities. In addition, under their GSA contract # GS-07F-0206L, Play Mart’s products are purchased by military bases, Corps of Engineers and various government entities.

CPSI certified sales representatives and installers offer site inspections to inform you of safety hazards and suggestions for site improvements. A Registered Landscape Architect is highly involved in the design of each play system including site plans and equipment designs for each site. View its online catalogs, and contact your local experienced and informative sales representatives, who are ready to assist you in planning an environmentally friendly place for children to play!

PlayPower LT Farmington, Inc.
One Iron Mountain Dr.
P.O. Box 897
Farmington, MO 63640
Phone: 800-325-8828
Fax: 314-436-7980
Web: www.littletikescommercial.com

PlayPower LT Farmington, Inc. proudly manufactures Little Tikes Commercial by PlayPower. Everything done here is based on three simple, yet essential principles:

Dedication to quality through intense product development, quality materials, and advanced manufacturing processes.

Dedication to safety by taking the high road in creating developmentally appropriate play environments for its most important customers – kids.

Dedication to play by understanding the importance of a child’s mental and physical development through play.

All of its playgrounds are custom designed and manufactured specifically for your site. Visit its website to experience products like the revolutionary series of Infinity Climbers or to simply locate your local sales representative.

Systems, Inc.
1000 Buffalo Rd.
Lewisburg, PA 17837-9795
Phone: 717-232-1898
Phone: 800-233-8404
Phone: 570-522-9800
Fax: 570-522-3030
Web: www.playworldsystems.com
E-mail: [email protected]

Playworld Systems, Inc. began in 1952 as QE Manufacturing Company, a family-owned producer of precision machine parts.

Seven years later it entered the playground industry as a supplier of high-quality products for other companies. As its reputation as a quality supplier grew, so did the demand in both the playground and recreational markets. Seizing the opportunity, it introduced its own brand of commercial playground products in 1971 under the company name Playworld Systems. In January 1999, Playworld Systems moved to current corporate headquarters in Lewisburg, PA.

Through the years, it has expanded to include several product lines that reinforce the mission of providing recreational opportunities for people of all ages.

Playworld products serve parks, schools and public playgrounds with an emphasis on children ages 5-12 years. Some of its innovative playground lines include GroundZero, SkyTowers, and CityScapes.

In 1987, a new division called PlayDesigns began producing products specifically for the early childhood market. Featuring lower steps and smaller handholds, PlayDesigns activities are fun and colorful and created specifically to be both age and developmentally appropriate for children ages 1-5 years.

Understanding the importance of keeping older adults active, Playworld Systems introduced LifeTrail in 2003. Walking is the most common form of recreation among older adults. We designed a series of ten outdoor Wellness Stations that turn an active older adult’s daily walk into a complete fitness program. The stations are designed to provide the age-appropriate physical activity to maintain and enhance endurance, flexibility, strength, and balance.

Extensive research went into the planning and design of LifeTrail. Each one of the Wellness Stations was conceptualized and designed in collaboration with gerontology, kinesiology and recreation experts from Penn State University. LifeTrail was extensively field-tested by older adults.

In 2004, Playworld Systems teamed up with a premier climbing wall manufacturer, to create Climbing Boulders. Available in five different sizes, its Climbing Boulders are perfect for climbers of all ages and abilities. Climbing Boulders have the look and feel of real rock, including the horizontal banding that comes from wind-erosion. The rounded edges and rock-like texture provide hand and footholds with a real natural feel for climbers.

Playworld Systems is proud to be ISO 9001:2000 certified. ISO 9001:2000 is a comprehensive quality standard that applies to companies that design, manufacture, and service products. It is recognized and accepted as a quality certification program around the world. The ISO standards contain stringent criteria with respect to quality systems and the processing of customer orders.

All facets of a business including product design, engineering, purchasing, manufacturing, sales, customer service, quality assurance, and shipping are covered by ISO criteria.

Certification is awarded to those companies that demonstrate a commitment to and performance in manufacturing and shipping high-quality products.

Playworld Systems is a founding member of IPEMA and is committed to producing products that meet or exceed ADA and CPSC guidelines, and ASTM, EN, and CSA standards. Its products are also backed by the most comprehensive warranties in the industry, attesting to the high-quality standards of the products, the workforce and the management.

Playworld Systems’ products are available through a network of professional distributors. These distributors have been selected to provide you with personalized local service. You will have help in every phase of your project, from planning to the final installation. For more information and complete expert service, visit its website and select your local area.

Creations, Inc.
215 W Mechanic St.
Hillsdale, MI 49242
Phone: 800-766-9458
Fax: 517-439-1878
Web: www.rec-creations.com

Recreation Creations, Inc. has prided itself for 30 years on creating innovative playground equipment to meet and exceed the needs of schools, parks, and early childhood centers. Its equipment is durable, dependable, safe and environmentally friendly. It offers a wide selection of components and structures to provide positive play and learning experience for children of all ages and abilities. Choose from a colorful bonanza of panels, slides, climbers, decks, entries, overheads and roofs.

Its theme structures inspire the imagination of young minds, reflecting the prehistoric era, the history of flight, jungles, and more. At RCI an endless array of options to accommodate needs that are age and ability appropriate are provided. It is devoted to assisting in planning the optimum playground, customized to each client’s specific needs. Free catalogs are available.

Recreation Dynamics, LLC
10036 James Monroe Highway
Culpeper, VA 22701
Phone: 866-221-6999
Phone: 540-547-9402
Fax: 540-547-9403
Contact: Wendy C. Fleming, Sales & Marketing Manager
Web: www.recreationdynamics.com
E-mail: [email protected]

Recreation Dynamics is an Internet-based company that provides playground equipment such as swings and hard-to-find replacement parts, spring things, surfacing and border and sports equipment. It also offers site furnishings such as bike racks, picnic tables, trash receptacles and benches to parks, schools, churches and more! Thermoplastic coated expanded steel, recycled plastic, or powder coated steel are all available. Its staff is well-trained in the safety guidelines put out by the Consumer Product Safety Commission and is ready to help you with your most challenging play areas. It has more surfacing and border options than anyone else, all in one place. So, whether you’re looking for engineered wood carpet or rubber mulch, Recreation Dynamics has what you need. Recycled plastic border timbers that last 75 plus years and Fun Timbers are some of its most popular items.

Recreation Dynamics accepts purchase orders from public agencies and major credit cards online. Most prices include free freight inside the continental U.S (for orders over $50). Recreation Dynamics ships into Canada as well, for a minimal additional charge. Recreation Dynamics is your one-stop shop for all of your park and playground needs. If you don’t see it, just ask!

RockCraft Designs
8-1865 Sargent Ave.
Winnipeg, Manitoba R3H 0E4
Phone: 866-786-1635
Fax: 204-774-6099
Web: www.playwalls.com
E-mail: [email protected]

The members of the creative team at RockCraft Designs have been building artificial climbing walls for almost 15 years. Their vision for the past few years has been to build aesthetically appealing outdoor structures that make the climbing experience safe and accessible for everyone, without the need for special training or equipment. Their unique Climbable Sculptures are quickly becoming eye-catching community centerpieces in parks and playgrounds throughout North America.

RockCraft’s President, Ed Fischer, was the co-founder in 1991 of The Edge Climbing Centre, rated by the Discovery Channel as one of the two best climbing gyms in the world. During the seven years Ed managed The Edge, he developed a risk management program for climbing gyms that was so effective, it has since been copied throughout North America. Ed was also instrumental in developing the North American Junior Climbing Program, a non-profit endeavor that has introduced thousands of young people to the confidence-building sport of indoor climbing.

Since selling his climbing gym in 1998, Ed has dedicated himself to making the climbing experience as inclusive as possible by creating structures for indoor and outdoor public play areas. The formation of RockCraft Designs, through a partnership with Ken Crozier, a longtime veteran of the playground industry, has brought playground design and product distribution experience to the team.

All the craftspeople at this company are dedicated rock climbers; each of them has spent thousands of hours looking at, touching and photographing natural rock formations. Additional professional backgrounds among the team include climbing instruction (ACMG), children’s gymnastics coaching, kinesiology and fine arts.

The number one priority of the RockCraft team at every level of design and construction is safety. All their climbing boulders are gentle to moderately overhanging to facilitate an unobstructed landing, in the event of a fall, onto the absorbent fall surface. The minimum distance between structures and to the fall zone perimeter is specified at 9 feet, considerably exceeding ASTM and CSA standards. All RockCraft climbing constructions scrupulously avoid potentially hazardous features such as chimneys, deep corners, cracks, leg holes, sharp holds, horns, climb through tunnels, and/or any support, climbing, or decorative structures that would impede an unobstructed fall to the absorbent surface. The RockCraft Design team encourages other playground climbing equipment manufacturers to join them in eliminating such design features, a process which they believe would help make all playground and park climbing structures extremely safe. To this end, they make their safety standards freely available on their website.

Each RockCraft Climbing Sculpture is handcrafted so that no two are exactly alike. A variety of hand and footholds in different sizes means that there is something for everyone. Beginners and children will find friendly holds within easy reach on every section of the artificial boulders, while experienced climbers can stick to “crimps” and “pinches” while circumnavigating the piece. Some of the holds are hidden and can be used in a variety of ways, giving users a sense of exploration similar to climbing on real rock. All the climbing holds are self-draining, to avoid water pooling.

The new Selkirk and Fitz Roy 3 models are designed to incorporate the option of being joined together through an arching hand traverse. With the bases of the pieces placed 10 feet apart and their placements staggered, the designers have assured that falls to the landing surface remain free of impediments even throughout the arch.

The fiberglass reinforced concrete construction material has the look, feel and durability of the West Coast Granite after which it is fashioned. Scaled down climbing boulders for elementary school children (Lizard) and even preschoolers (Turtle) are available. Custom finishes to match local rock are also available.

Romperland Playsystems
A Division of Del-Air Systems Ltd.
P.O. Box 2500
Humboldt, SK S0K 2A0
Phone: 800-667-0540
Fax: 306-682-5559
Web: www.romperlandplay.com
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Romperland sees the world through the eyes of a child. From slides to stepping stones, its equipment is designed to enhance play experiences for all children. They combine expert design, value and pride to ensure each playground has lasting play value, quality components and the endless opportunity for fun.

Primary concerns are the safety and enjoyment of children along with service and support to those who purchase their equipment. Romperland products are IPEMA certified to ASTM and CSA.

Accessibility is also a top priority–many creative and interactive components suitable for children of all abilities are available. Romperland creative playground equipment offers steel play systems as well as independent play items, park amenities, and sports equipment. Age appropriate custom-designed play systems are available for everyone from tots to teens. New to Romperland is the Adventure Tot and Adventure Kids line—designed for exceptional value without compromising quality or play experiences.

Soft Play, LLC
12100 Vance Davis Dr.
Charlotte, NC 28269
Phone: 888-752-9582
Fax: 704-875-6561
Web: www.softplay.com
E-mail: [email protected]

Since 1984, Soft Play has been the world leader in creating unique contained play environments. Soft Play offers custom designed playgrounds unique to each of its customers’ needs. From small toddler areas to large, family recreation venues, Soft Play is skilled at developing creative play environments that entertain and challenge children while providing a safe contained play environment. To learn more about its wide range of products and services, visit the website or give them a call today!

WOW, Playgrounds
P.O. Box 848254
Pembroke Pines FL 33084-0234
Phone: 954-925-2800
Phone: 866-WOW-PLAY
Web: www.wowplaygrounds.com

In January of 2004 a small group of longtime individuals in the recreation and playground industry, with 110 years combined experience in playgrounds, decided to give birth to a brand of children’s furnishings and related products. This group wanted these products to be a reflection of what children, educators, recreation professionals and religious leaders have been asking for over the years and to provide an answer to the need of a creative and imaginative play.

Combining the established resources of a number of related organizations, design professionals, architects, landscape architects and playground safety advisors, WOW PLAYGROUNDS became a reality.

Manufactured in Atlanta, GA, the heart of America, a line of products has been produced which includes modular outdoor playgrounds, interior contained play structures, shade and sun shelters, early childhood designs, safety surfacing, independent play units and a line of theme-oriented designs. In addition, there are extensive lines of site furnishings, bike racks, skate park equipment, climbing walls and custom designed themed play to complete a package of equipment to meet all needs.

Featured are such innovations as Eclipse roof system offering 40 percent more shade and variety of heights and directions, four seasons interchangeable panel system, custom panels and Post Toppers with outriggers, rock challenge climbing system and the clean tailored look of the clampless attachment system. Graphics panels in FenTec process provide full-color pictures to enhance the play image and quality of play for the children.

To assist the interested end user, a free 128-page, fully illustrated buyers guide is available. Visit the website for internet access to 500 pre-designed layouts that can be referenced by age appropriateness, budget, and available space. Additional related products include shade structures, safety surfacing, site amenities, artificial grass safety surfacing called PlayGrass and unique custom events designed to your specifications.

Detailed Play PRO
P.O. Box 633
Springfield NJ 07081
Phone: 877-548-3100 (toll free)
Fax: 973-376-8881
Web: www.detailedplaypro.com
E-mail: [email protected]

Detailed Play PRO provides professional grade heavy-duty commercial playground equipment and swing sets for children at the park, school, church, daycare, and campground public play sites. The products it offers meet or exceed rigid commercial playground equipment safety standards and is designed for constant use by children ages 2-12. These products are also manufactured with safeguards to help prevent vandalism, weather, and sun. Visit its website or call for help with all of your commercial playground equipment needs.

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