Playnetic introduces the GameWall!

Tue, 04/04/2017 - 6:56pm
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11 months ago
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Spring is arriving, new projects are being planned.
Did you ever cope with one of those big dead walls at a playground, shopping centre or schoolyard?
It can be a challenge to design such a place.

Playnetic introduces the GameWall! The GameWall offers different games for all ages.
Turn the wheel and energize the game, the GameWall is 'human powered' and
does not need any external electricity.

Thanks to some super bright illuminated push buttons and digital sound quality,
this wall is transformed into an impressive interactive play panel.

The robustness allows the installation at unattended locations.
The GameWall stimulates movement and contributes to an improved condition and coordination.
Not only interactive and healthy, but also a whole lot of fun!

Next time you have to deal with a dead wall, you know what to do!

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