fbpx Tips To Keep You and Your Kids Safe While Playing In A Playground

Tips To Keep You and Your Kids Safe While Playing In A Playground

Tue, 02/25/2020 - 10:02am
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Kids Safe While Playing In A Playground

The playground is inherently supposed to be a safe place for you and your children. It's a place to have fun, mingle around with other kids and other families. Rather than having children locked indoors facing their gadgets, it's so much better to have the kids exposed to outdoor play. This helps them release some energy, develop some necessary skills for growth, and even get a taste of fresh air.

While you're out having fun, it's also imperative to stay safe. Danger is always lurking around the corner. As you bring your kids along with you and all your essential items, bring along these tips as well:

1. Actively Supervise Children

Playgrounds aren't meant to be babysitters for your children. Remember that there are going to be other children around too in this public place. Even more importantly, no matter how safe a playground is supposed to be, it can still be a source of injuries.

When your kids are having fun on the playground, it's essential for you as the parent, or primary caregiver, to always actively supervise your children. Especially so if they're the smaller ones. Give them assistance on areas that they might have difficulty in, and make sure they don't go on the ones that may be too difficult.

2. Check The Playground's Premises.

Before your kids even start to have fun, take a good look around the playground first. Are there pieces of broken glass? Maybe there’s trash that might contain sharp objects? Do you see broken pieces or close-to-breaking parts of the playground rides? Take a brief look around to make sure that the playground is safe. 

Check for the surface of the playground, also. It should have enough layers of shock-absorbing material. This includes gravel, sand, shredded rubber, or wood chips. 

3. Dress Appropriately.

You and your kids should come in dressed appropriately for play. If the weather is warm, then dress comfortably. If it's cold, make sure the kids are kept warm. Avoid wearing slippers at all times, as this can easily slip or get stuck in areas. Always keep your children in rubber shoes. 

Here are some other tips to keep in mind, as regards dressing:

  • For smaller kids, you might want to include protective gear such as a copper knee brace for increased support.
  • Avoid letting your kids wear necklaces or scarves that can become choking hazards.
  • Let them come in the clothes that you won’t mind getting soiled.

4. Teach Your Children Playground Courtesy

This tip is crucial for parents to remember. When an injury or accident happens, it's not always the playground that's to blame. Many of these falls and slips may be due to impatient or rowdy children on the playground. Unfortunately, bullying can happen also.

Before you go to the playground, make it a habit to teach your children how to practice proper playground courtesy. This includes the following:

  • Waiting patiently for their turn on any ride that they want to go to.
  • No shouting at other children.
  • No shoving or pushing.
  • No kicking other children.

The last thing that you'd want is for your child to be the cause of accidents on the playground, because of his or her deliberate behavior.

5. Take Note Of The Weather

As much as your kids might love to stay the whole day in the playground, you also have to be mindful of the weather. Before you even bring them out, check to see for yourself, that the weather is going to be something that your kids can tolerate. On hot summer days, the metal or aluminum used in playground equipment can be too hot that it might burn your child's skin. The same applies even to those made of plastic materials.

When it's too cold, your kids can also get uncomfortable holding freezing playground equipment. This might put them on a loose grip, therefore, increasing the chances of injuries.

As you prepare for a fun day, therefore, always be mindful of the weather. If you feel it's going to be too much for the kids, then don't force it today. There's always another day to have fun. 

If it's tolerable, don't forget essentials such as a bottle of water and sunscreen for the summer, and windburn protection and gloves, for the cold.


Play is always a critical part of your children's development. In today's time where children are mostly locked to their screens, it's still vital to unleash their potential through socialization with other kids. 

Many fun things can be done in a playground, and it's up to you, the parents, to make it a habit to bring your kids there from time to time. As you do so, bring these pointers as well, to stay safe, at all times.

Aside from being a mom of two boys, Jessica Edgerly works as a full-time blogger to provide parenting tips. Jessica covers a wide variety of topics from breastfeeding, early education, and child development...