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Mon, 08/31/2020 - 4:42pm
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Usually, a superhero has some identifying characteristics, such as a good physique or perhaps a colorful cape around their neck. But in 2020, the essential workers and medical professionals forever changed the stereotype of superheroes. Let me tell you about another profession that should be recognized for its hard work to safeguard children.

These individuals may be difficult to discern from average citizens, with their sunburned noses and the ordinary vehicles that they drive.  Armed with a clipboard, a tape measure, and a camera, these unsung heroes carry special tools, probes, and gauges, but do not wear a cool utility belt. 

So, where can you discover this type of hero?  Their location is not top-secret, but it is right outside on various playgrounds, where these professionals can be found conducting safety inspections.

With their super keen observational powers, they are not busy capturing criminals but instead are identifying playground hazards. Each inspector searches out any broken parts, missing hardware, and a variety of other potential problems.  Some serious hazards, if discovered on the playground and then are repaired, will reduce the chance of serious injuries to children, and perhaps even prevent a fatality. 

These inspectors also share their superpowers by educating others about playground safety and providing their findings in detailed reports. 

The most trained professionals are CPSIs or Certified Playground Safety Inspectors. This not-so-secret designation can be obtained through the NRPA (National Recreation and Parks Association). You can select a CPSI to assist your organization at the NRPA website. 

Immediately enlist the aid of one of these heroes and utilize their expertise, especially if you are aware of children who use a playground without a recent safety inspection. 

Moving forward, continue to work with one of these superstars and spread the word about their skills as they continue to protect our children as they play.

See CPSI registry at NRPA.org

Joann Robertson CPSI CSP ARM CPCU works at Playground Medic of Hawthorne, NY as a certified playground inspector and certified safety professional.  She represents the playground inspection and repair firm...