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7 Key Playground Safety Features

Mon, 03/17/2014 - 1:01am
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Adult supervision and safety guidelines are pretty typical when it comes to playgrounds and the time children spend playing on them. Having these in place is usually pretty effective when it comes to preventing playground injuries, by making sure kids are educated on the proper way to use playground equipment and what behavior is unsafe. As smart as they are, kids can’t always properly gauge dangerous situations and often push their limits.

While teaching children how to play safely is important, some dangers may be inherently present due to the playground equipment itself. Playgrounds offer kids fresh air, exercise and friendly interaction, but can also present hazards in faulty equipment and improper surfaces, for example. Playground injuries, then, are an almost inevitable occurrence for active children who love playing outside, despite supervision and rules. Thankfully, the injuries are frequently no worse than scrapes, bruises, jammed or pinched fingers, or bumped heads. But playground injuries can also be severe, even requiring a trip to the emergency room. For this reason, it is key to consider the safety and state of the playground equipment in question.

This infographic from Playland Inc. illustrates seven ways to help ensure the safety of children at play by focusing on playground equipment.

7 Key Playground Safety Features

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