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How Much Cost To Build a New Playground In 2020

Tue, 05/05/2020 - 2:51pm
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Playgrounds are essential for recreation. They give children and adults somewhere to release all that pent up energy while spicing up their outdoor experience. But before building a playground, you will need to consider some factors such as your budget, the space you want to work with, and if the playground is for community or private use. Also, decide if you'll DIY or hire professionals, plus look into safety and permits. All these bring you to ask three questions.

  • What is the cost of building a playground for private use?
  • How much does it cost to build a community playground?
  • What does average playset installation cost?

I will answer all three questions in this post.

The Cost of Building a Playground In 2020

Playgrounds can either be private or for community use. And the amount you spend building it depends on this fact and the type of playset you want. On average, playground equipment for private use will cost between $100 to $5,000. These playsets are mostly simple equipment like swings and cubby houses that your local hardware store can provide. But to build a community playground, persons will spend between $8,000 to $50,000. And on the very high side, the prices can shoot up to $150,000. This playground equipment can go from bouncing castles and sandboxes to intricate towers with multiple slides. And the simplicity or complexity of the playsets will determine their installation costs.

Playset Installation Cost

If you're building a private playground with a simple playset, it's okay to do it yourself (DIY). But if your pieces of equipment are sophisticated or the playground is for the community, best leave it to the professionals. Professionals will charge between $150 to $900 to install a playset. For instance, the local handyman will cost between $150 to $300, while the installation company will charge between $300 to $900. But the playset retailers may install for free or at a nominal fee per playset. The following factors influence all these prices.

  • Playset Material

    The three most common materials for playset are plastic, wood, and metal. Plastic material is the least durable and expensive to install. The wood material is durable and can take a good beating. Playset from metal is the most permanent but will get hot when beaten by sunlight. So it may need some expert touch-ups. 

  • Custom built or pre-made playset

    Persons may buy pre-made playsets for processionals to assemble. A pre-made playset will cost more to install, but it is safer. Custom made playsets are cheaper, but takes more effort and may not be secure.

  • The Playset Base

    For a playset to be safe, they need something to sit on or for an anchor. There are several options like wood chips, pea gravel, sand, rubber tiles, and grass. The cheapest of them all is grass because they're available in your yard and everywhere. The costliest is rubber tiles, but they're the safest, especially for kids, and need no maintenance.

  • Landscaping

    Before setting up a playset, you need to level the ground, clear out rocks, roots, and debris. Then you will have the field compacted to take the base of the playset. All these cost money.

  • Labor

    Professionals charge per hour, and installation can take hours or days, depending on the complexity of the playset.


The cost of building a Playground in 2020 depends on a few factors which I have enumerated in this post. And these factors will also influence the cost of installing playsets in the playground. So, look up this post, get informed, weigh your options, and have a great time outdoors.

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