fbpx 6 Simple Ways Technologies Can Take Your Playground To The Next Level

6 Simple Ways Technologies Can Take Your Playground To The Next Level

Thu, 01/31/2019 - 6:21pm
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Technology and concept have always been the two most dominant factors that have influenced the form of children’s playgrounds. Throughout history, we’ve seen playgrounds become more secure and more engaging at the same time.

Safety is an important concern, as 79% of all playground injuries involve falls. So, how can you take your playground to the next level? These 6 simple ways will show you how technology can take your playground to the next level.

1. 3D printing for reduced costs

Even today, we face a situation where many communities still don’t have a suitable playground for children. Either there are unsafe and old facilities, or there is a complete absence of a playground.

When asked about this, every local governing body cites a lack of funds as the reason why there aren’t any new playgrounds. However, technology can provide a solution. According to data by Statista, the global 3D printing market will equal to $49 billion by 2025. Due to the benefits of this production method, both municipal governing bodies and private companies will be able to produce parts for playgrounds at a much cheaper price.

2. Home 3D printers for fast replacement of broken parts

There is often a time when a playground is deemed unsafe because something broke. It can take a lot of time and money to repair the damage and make the playground functional again. By possessing a home printing device, you will be able to print existing designs by only providing the raw materials. If your child sees something that is broken, you can easily fix the playground by printing a new part. Even public playgrounds can benefit from this technological advancement.

3. Interactive games

The influence of smartphones is only considered as a negative in terms of children’s playtime. However, this is a false assumption. Smartphones, tablets, and other contemporary devices can benefit your playground more than you could ever imagine.

For example, you can design special websites for interactive games. Be careful when designing such pages, as you need a special tone in every written part. You can hire a pro essay writer from sites such as Bestessaytips.com, Best Essays or Best Dissertation. Interactive gaming is the future.

4. The creation of boot camps

Boot camps have an infamous meaning, and people only view the phrase in a negative light. With technology, you can create a boot camp out of your playground.

Smart devices give you the opportunity to fuse both physical and mental aspects of playing. You can make interchangeable programs between races or hide and seek with riddles and puzzles on the devices.

According to Best Essays, playgrounds can become engaging in so many different ways with the right implementation of technology. Pick the right educational content and make sure the children are challenged enough physically. That’s how you can create a boot camp that will benefit the development of your child.

5. The Internet of Things

With the development of IoT, people have steered their attention towards a synchronized functioning of home appliances. Why not playgrounds as well? There is no limit to the number of devices that can have an internet connection. A good start would be to add a WiFi connection to your playground and think of enhanced games for children’s entertainment.

You can always connect your device to the network and monitor the safety of your child. Aside from safety, IoT can provide playgrounds with more options for location-based games. Races, challenges and many other forms of play can benefit from IoT.

6. A return to nature?

With 3D printing and biodegradable materials, we may be seeing fewer playgrounds in cities and more such areas in nature. The obvious benefits of interacting with nature can make playgrounds much more than mere areas for recreation. Trees and different areas can provide children with readable information about wildlife.

Not only will a return to nature make your playground a much “healthier” option, but children will also be able to learn.

Technological advancements can affect playgrounds in the simplest of ways. They will be a mix of educational and recreational features in the near future. By adopting some of these innovations, you’ll be able to take your playground to the next level.


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