fbpx 4 Benefits of Remodeling a School's Playground

4 Benefits of Remodeling a School's Playground

Tue, 08/11/2020 - 5:36pm
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Remodeling a School's Playground

The benefits of outdoor recreation and exercise for children have long been proven. These activities are especially important at a school. Students need breaks throughout the day; no one learns well when they are locked inside for hours on end. An outdoor playground gives students a place to exercise freely, decompress from long hours of study, and interact with fellow students. Because it is such a vital part of the school experience, many places are looking to upgrade the school's playground. There are many benefits of this remodel, and it can positively impact students in more than one way.

  1. Creates a Safer Place for Students

    A worn-down playground with old equipment can be hazardous to children. A new, remodeled playground can focus on safety while still creating a fun zone for kids. Current structures can also be improved; for example, an existing pavilion can have solar panels installed. Fans in the pavilion operated by solar power can keep children cool while out in the hot sun, and there is less danger of dehydration or heat exhaustion.

  2. Allows for More Physical Exercise

    If there is not a proper place for children to play outside, teachers are likely to avoid going out for exercise throughout the day. It is important that students maintain a certain level of physical activity; when there is an inviting playground to use, everyone involved can benefit. The students get to exert all of their pent-up energy, and teachers get to take a much-needed break.

  3. Makes the School District More Attractive to Potential Students

    Parents of potential students need to know that a school district is constantly striving to be better. Even simple remodels can make a huge difference to the appearance of the school, and it can make the district seem like a more worthy place to send a child to school.

  4. Creates a Sense of Community

    A collaborative effort between parents, students, teachers, administrators, and the school board helps create a sense of community in the school district. The school can launch the playground remodel as a group improvement project. Interested parties can volunteer to help with the needed repairs and upkeep. This can help everyone feel that they have an important part to play, and the experience will be even more worthwhile for the school. You can even get parents and students involved in fundraising to make the project go more smoothly and be completed sooner.

When thinking back to elementary school, almost everyone has memories of playing on the playground. Every school district should strive to make the play area one that is safe, fun and engaging. There are so many benefits to upgrading any part of a school, and the playground is an important one. For districts interested in this type of project, it can be a good idea to try to get community involvement. When everyone is working together to reach a common goal, a playground remodel can be a great success. Start researching ideas today to build the playground that every kid dreams of!

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