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How to Make a Rope Playground - DIY

Tue, 08/27/2019 - 8:00am
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Do you feel that your kids are becoming electronic zombies? Are they always sitting inside the house the whole day, gazing at the television and playing video games? Well, thanks to the easy access of tablets, mobile phones, and laptops to the kids today, it is a little tough to keep them away from technology. You might already be aware of the situation that arises when you ask them to put that gadget down. It is no less than a world war. 

Don’t worry, today we are going to solve this problem through some adventure games for the kids. Yes, we are talking about rope games. These rope games are not only suitable for the kids but for the whole family. So, let us begin the DIY tutorial on how to make a rope playground and bring back the lost childhood of our kids!   

Why kids should play rope games

You might be thinking why only rope games? The main reason to choose is that they are easy to play and fun. You might have played jump ropes as a kid too. Remember how exciting they were? Rope games have no complex rules. Moreover, they are a good exercise. In fact, studies suggest that jumping ropes develop the left and right hemispheres of the brain hence improving the awareness, memory, and alertness of the kids.  

How to set up the rope playground 

Pick up a game that kids would love

Rope games for kids are not just limited to skipping ropes. There is a variety of options - rope obstacle courses, rope climbing, knotted rope climbing, rope bridge, rope walls, tug the war rope games and many more. Just show their pictures to the kids and see what they like. This will ignite their interest in the game.  

Make a blueprint 

The next step is to make a sketch of what you want to build. For instance, you might be making a rope swing for your kids. Imagine how would the swing look like, where will it be placed, and how will it be made. You can also create sketches and mention the measurements that you want. 

Set up the playground

The next step is to make your playground ready for the rope adventures. You can use your lawn to create the rope playground. Just make sure that it is spacious enough as per the rope game set up requirements.  

Gather the materials 

Now we have the blueprint and the space to set up the yard game. So make a list of all the materials that you might need to set up the rope playground. You might require wooden logs or plank, glue, nails and of course, ropes. One of the experts of GoAssignmentHelp suggests that you can ask the kids to think of the things that will be required to build the rope playground to ignite their interest in the game. 

Image by Marzena P. from Pixabay

Budget is important 

You need to know how many kids will be playing in the playground and hence buy the material accordingly. Depending upon the number of kids the requirements might change. So keep a check on what you can afford. If your lawn or garden is not well-maintained, revamping would also incur some costs. 

Do a safety check 

Rope games might seem easy to play but they are risky too. Hence, the parents are required to keep a check on the safety of their kids while setting up the rope playground. For instance, in setting up the rope swing game tie the rope twice to ensure that it is strong enough to handle the weight of the kids. You can also use scotch tape or nail the ropes in the ground wherever required. Use rings to tie the ropes to ensure the safety of the kids. 

Add some decorations 

At last, it is time to attract kids so that they just love the setup and hence play the rope games every day. You can use natural elements in this to make the playground look beautiful and attractive. For instance, arrange some flower pots by the side. Bring tree logs or fake rocks and set them at the back of the playground to add the touch of nature in your game. 


Rope games will help in maintaining the cardiovascular health of the kids. In today’s time when obesity is attacking children the most, it is important to introduce games that will help them stay active. You can check out the internet to find inspiring images of kids playgrounds. So, let the rope games begin! We hope this little tutorial of rope playground DIY will help you in changing the lives of your kids. 


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