fbpx Why Science Says You Must Spend Time Outdoors

Why Science Says You Must Spend Time Outdoors

Tue, 10/18/2016 - 1:04pm
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Spend time outdoors

Today’s highly-technological influenced world, despite being advantageous and helpful to our daily lives, has undoubtedly changed everyone’s lifestyle especially in terms of spending time outdoors.

Whereas before, kids used to spend more than 2 hours outside per weekday and around 9 hours on weekends, nowadays, only 1 hour is spent each weekday and less than 5 hours on weekends.

One of the reasons behind this trend is that people are more cautious about their expenses, as well as time and energy, hence opting to stay indoors instead. Not to mention, the possible threats to a person’s health that can be caused by staying out.

However, the World Health Organization revealed that there are 4.3 million deaths annually globally because of exposure to indoor air pollution. Further, EPA’s Indoor Air Study added that concentrations of some pollutants are 2 to 5 times higher than the usual outdoor concentrations.

With these, you would want to reconsider staying at home often. Below is an infographic provided by Feelgood Contact Lenses, containing some facts and figures on why you should spend more time outdoors.


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Zach Jones's picture

Is there anyway to get a copy of the chart in this article that would be suitable for printing and posting?

Thank you
Zach Jones
Director of Parks and Recreation
City of Lathrop, California
[email protected]

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Hi, Melissa! We are happy for you to share any of our articles!

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