fbpx Building an Environmentally-Friendly Playground

Building an Environmentally-Friendly Playground

Tue, 08/25/2020 - 4:53pm
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Building an Environmentally-Friendly Playground

Creating a more sustainable lifestyle is gaining traction and garnering popularity among homeowners. These initiatives have positive effects that can ripple out. While many of us have taken steps in our lives to create more environmentally conscious action in our homes, we may be unaware of other areas where we can make positive changes. For families, if you are planning to construct a custom playground, the construction can be the perfect place to implement some sustainable practices. Here is how you can achieve that.

Alternative Energy Sources

Lighting is incredibly important when it comes to creating a safe environment for your kids to play and should be considered in your building project. If you have a poorly illuminated area, this is priming the space for potential injuries. While turning a light on may seem like a small and inconsequential action, your home is likely powered by inefficient energy sources that are finite. If you have not considered renewable energy sources before, you may be missing out on key opportunities to save the planet and save yourself some money. By installing solar panels for home you can light the way for your child to safely play with limitless resources.

Sustainably Focused Contractors

Contractors are a vital resource during any construction project, and a playground contractor will be key to help your design and vision come to life. You should try to find a professional who understands your vision of an environmentally-friendly construction project and final product. Not only will this person be managing your project from start to finish, but with experience and expertise in green efforts, they can offer suggestions and advice on how to improve your process.

Building Materials

During any construction project, you will take the time to evaluate the materials that will be used during the project. This presents you with the perfect opportunity to make a more environmentally conscious decision by opting for recycled and reclaimed materials. These materials have been repurposed which avoids contributing to additional waste. Your options aren’t limited to old playground equipment that you can repurpose, because if you prefer to go the custom route, you can still embrace green living with the right choice of materials.

Chemicals and Harmful Agents

Many people don’t realize how harmful volatile organic compounds can be to our planet and to our bodies. While it is likely to be building your child’s playground outside in the open air, there are still significant concerns for VOCs and other harmful fumes and their effects on our planet’s health. Your child is less likely to be exposed to the vaporized fumes from chemicals used in the building of their playground, but keep in mind that all the chemicals that are used in the project will be in your child’s play area. It never hurts to air on the side of caution.

Location and Placement

You may be surprised that the location and placement of your backyard playground matters when it comes to environmentally friendly practices. If you need to cut down or eliminate trees, foliage, or any natural elements, this can play a harmful role and hurt the environment. It is not the expectation that you never harm nature, but you do need to be mindful of your choices and how they can affect the planet.

Sustainability Education

While your children will likely be overjoyed for their new playground, this also presents you with the perfect opportunity to teach your children a valuable lesson. With the installation of their new play area, you can teach them about the earth, its health, and their responsibility in the world. You can accomplish this through conversations with your kiddos, reading books about the environment and sustainability, and showing them the process from a safe distance.

The Main Takeaway

While maintaining a green home is becoming an increasingly popular priority for many families, you have yet another opportunity to improve your efforts with your new plan. As you look to start off on your play place project, take some time to assess and plan out how you will increase your sustainability efforts through this new design.

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