fbpx 5 Tips for Kayak Fishing With Kids

5 Tips for Kayak Fishing With Kids

Tue, 09/15/2020 - 1:27pm
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Kayak Fishing with Kids

Have you ever canceled a kayak fishing trip because you didn't find someone to take care of your kids? You are not alone; many parents have canceled their trips because they feared that kayak fishing is not safe enough for their young kids. While some believe that their children will not enjoy kayak fishing; therefore, they always leave them at home when going fishing. However, fishing and children go hand in hand. Fathers and grandparents have used fishing to create a lasting bond with their children and grandchildren.

Therefore, the next time you plan kayak fishing trips, please include your children. With proper organization and forethoughts, you can create a memorable experience with them. After all, this can be one of the best ways to introduce them to nature and teach them how to fish. So, here are some unique tips for kayak fishing with kids.

Tips for Kayak Fishing With Kids

  1. Gear Preparation

Before we even start shopping for gear, it's crucial to make sure that they are comfortable riding on a kayak. If they are below 10 years old and less experienced, you should get a tandem kayak. With a tandem kayak, you can teach them how to paddle and keep them safe since they will be near you. If they are experienced and ready for a solo adventure, you should get them a simple fishing kayak. Finding the right fishing kayak for your youngsters may be a challenge so you can refer to a buying guide for expert advice.

One of the best ways to teach your kids how to kayak fish is by first getting them the simplest fishing gear. Make sure you look for kid-sized equipment when shopping. Since you want them to have fun, make sure you get them high-quality fishing gear while giving them less gear.

Look for a 5 ft 6 inches or 6 feet light rod and an open-face reel. Even though the closed-face reel is easy to use, they are not the best for kids, since they can tangle. And when they do, getting them untangled can be very challenging. Many people will argue that open-face reels are not ideal for children, but with a little practice, they will be fishing in no time.

  1. Safety

This goes without saying, always make sure that you and your children are safe and wearing PFDs. Many people have drowned while fishing due to the absence of PDFs, and with these life jackets, your children will always be safe. It is always a great idea to introduce them to beginners kayak classes for kids as soon as they are old enough to get basic paddling concepts and techniques. Even though you can teach them, kids tend to learn better when other people are explaining the instructions.

Once they have taken the beginner's kayak classes for children, you can reinforce what they learned with your routine. These classes can help build their confidence and actually be ready for the trip. These classes can also boost your confidence when kayaking with them.

Start by taking them to small lakes and be mindful of the weather. Look for a lake with no motorized watercraft and let them perfect their skills. If they are a little bit young to paddle themselves, you can use a tandem kayak. A tandem kayak can help build their confidence, plus it's quite easy to help them reel in a catch when they are near you.  

  1. Make Sure They Are Comfortable

One of the key factors that will make your kids love kayak fishing and even have fun is comfort. So, make sure that they are comfortable on the kayak. While we love a challenge and can keep up with the hunger, cold or hot weather, and even snow, children can't. Therefore, do everything you can to make sure they are comfortable and having fun.

Food is essential to children, so make sure you pack their favorite food before leaving the house. After all, nothing will mess up the trip more than your children becoming hungry and unhappy. Don't forget to carry extra clothing, in case the weather changes and sunscreen.

  1. Bring Back-Up Entertainment

We all appreciate the peace and comfort that comes with kayak fishing, and with kayaking most of the time, we just glide on the lake. This is actually the best time for adults to relax and get away from the fast city life, but that is not the case with kids. The silence and inactivity can trigger boredom and restlessness in them, so make sure you carry back-up entertainment.

Other than the fishing rod, you can pack some water toys for your young kids. If your older children love swimming, you can look for a place where they can take a dip and swim around. And yes, snacks can also be entertaining for them. Having different snacks for them to choose and chew when fishing is slow can help them relax and have fun.

  1. Make Sure You Catch Some Fish

As anglers, we know kayak fishing is more than just catching some fish. It is a therapeutic moment that can help us relax. But, that is not the case for kids, and they don't want to hear that kayak fishing is not all about catching a fish. Children need action, and they need rewards. Plus, the look on their faces when they reel in their first catch will be reward enough for you.

You will have to motivate them by guaranteeing them some catches. Remember, the trip is not about you, so bring some small hooks and corns for catching small fish. Your child will be motivated even if they catch the smallest fish in the lake.

Final Thoughts

Kayak fishing with your kids can be a fantastic experience and quite rewarding. It can be a great bonding experience that might just introduce your kids to an activity that they will love for the rest of their lives. Before venturing into the water with your kayak, you have to equip yourself with the right kid's fishing gear. You can also introduce them to beginners kayak courses for children and introduce them to kayak fishing gradually. And within no time you will have fun kayak fishing as a family.

Chelsea Smith. Chelsea is the editor and content creator at fishermenspond.com. She's crazy about all things fishing and spends most weekends exploring lakes in her home state of Ohio.