fbpx 5 Environmentally-Friendly Actions Your Kids Can Take

5 Environmentally-Friendly Actions Your Kids Can Take

Tue, 09/29/2020 - 10:23am
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5 Environmentally-Friendly Actions Your Kids Can Take

With each passing day, planet Earth is facing tremendous ecological changes due to the ever-increasing pollution. Despite huge campaigns going on around the world, constant human activity, particularly industrialization and urbanization, is only contributing to the appreciation of damage rate.

Consequently, the quality of our natural environment is depleting quickly, forcing the planet towards the end of its days. But does that mean there's no hope left?

Not really. If we train and teach our children to love and care for the environment, we might be able to bring a revolutionary change.

We might be able to bring a change that may give this plant just a few centuries more, granting a safe survival of our offspring. Here are the top 5 environment-friendly actions that you can instill in your child to make them eco-conscious and a contributing member of the planet.

  1. Reduce & Reuse Belongings 

Perhaps, the most effective method to prevent a waste increase is to teach your kids to take things of need only. It does not mean saying no to a child when they want things. Instead, the wiser way is to teach them power conservation by turning off lights when not needed. Also, you can emphasize water conservation by turning off faucets when brushing and reducing the time for showers.  

Plus, to develop environment-friendly habits in your child, introduce him to the concept of reusing. Opt for reusable bottles and lunch containers rather than disposable ones. Also, teach your child to share things with others and donate belongings that he does not need anymore. Reducing consumption and reusing can greatly cut waste production to protect our environment.     

  1. Recycle Junk & Scrap 

Secondly, encourage your children to be creative with unwanted materials like packaging cardboard. Instead of purchasing ready-made plastic products, they can create their versions of the same things using scrap stuff at home. For example, a cereal box can come in handy to create a photo frame. It also gives your child a constructive, engaging activity.

Similarly, you can teach your children to continue this process of recycling stuff throughout their life by practicing it yourself. Perhaps, a simple decision like having a junk car removal service wipe out all the abandoned cars in your vicinity can help them learn about how to be a responsible community member. Your concern towards eco-friendly disposal of junk cars could inspire younger ones to look out for all possible ways to help their environment, both inside and outside of the home.

  1. Plant seeds 

Naturally, children get intrigued by outdoors and love to spend time there. However, as a parent, you should avoid building their interest in electronic devices and indoors. Instead, nourish their love for nature and teach them about the importance of vegetation. By recycling old bottles, you can show them how to grow their plants, vegetables, and fruits.

  1. Save Energy 

By saving energy, we mean saving electricity. It saves water, wind, environment, and whatnot. Guide your kids to turn off the lights and fans as soon as they leave a room. During days, make them habitual of using the daylight rather than depending on electricity. Also, purchase energy-efficient electronics and make sure your children take note of how to live life in an eco-conscious manner.

  1. Encourage Walking, Biking, and Plogging

Did you know using vehicles for transport increases our carbon footprint? Thus, teaching your kids to choose walking and biking for small distances is an important environment-friendly habit. It will not only keep them physically active and healthy but also the planet safe. Another innovative initiative is Plogging, which refers to collecting litter while jogging. Since its start in 2016, Plogging has become a worldwide environment-friendly practice. As a parent, you can develop this habit in your children simply by being a role model. Practice Plogging in your neighborhoods, ask your kids as well as friends to join in and contribute to the planet’s betterment.   

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