fbpx Noahs Park now offering Freenotes Harmony Park Outdoor Instruments

Noahs Park now offering Freenotes Harmony Park Outdoor Instruments

Mon, 09/05/2016 - 2:22pm
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Noah’s Park & Playgrounds is excited to announce the addition of a new product to their website, Freenotes Harmony Park’s Outdoor Instruments. Musical parks and playgrounds are a new trend in musical expression, and they are beginning to take off. Freenotes Harmony Park’s outdoor musical instruments are durable, sustainable, play real music, and can withstand the elements allowing them to be installed outside in parks, playgrounds and public spaces. Not only are they durable to withstand crazy weather, Freenotes Harmony Park created their outdoor musical instruments with no wrong notes, allowing anyone to become an “instant expert” in making music, no matter the age or ability.

Noah’s Park & Playgrounds offers over 19 different Freenotes Harmony Park Outdoor Instruments and Ensemble Packages. Since adding the outdoor instruments to Noah’s Park & Playgrounds online e-commerce website, they have sold and installed outdoor musical instruments to customers such as public schools, private schools, Montessories, child care centers, municipalities, and health facilities in Oklahoma, Texas, Pennsylvania, Wisconsin and New Mexico.

The Weenotes series is a group of instruments that are compact for smaller public spaces and budgets, yet give off beautiful sounds perfect for small parks, daycares, schools and more. The Weenotes series consists of the outdoor instruments Merry, Piper and Griffin, Melody and the newest addition, Aria.

The larger instruments such as the Pagoda Bells, Cadence, Tuned Drums, Yantzee, Pegasus, Imbarimba, Manta Ray, Contrabass Chimes and the Swirl are perfect for the larger, full outdoor music park settings for a full musical sound.

The Freenotes Harmony Park Ensemble packages are a “one stop shop” experience for those customers, who want the full musical experience. The instruments in the Ensembles blend harmoniously with one another, providing the greatest variety of sound possibilities when played together. The Ensemble packages that Noah’s Park & Playgrounds offers is Deluxe, Weenotes and Premium.Outdoor Instruments

For more information about Noah’s Park and Playground’s products and services or to purchase a Freenotes Harmony Park Outdoor Instruments, please call (877) 248-5444, email us at [email protected] or visit our website at www.noahsplay.com.


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