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Musical Fence by Natural Playgrounds Company

Mon, 03/03/2014 - 1:01am
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Musical Fence by Natural Playgrounds Company

This wonderfully inventive, unique musical instrument teaches many lessons about rhythm, movement, and sound. The 12 pipes are not "tuned" because children need to "find" sounds on the playground, just as they find and hear different sounds in nature. 

If they’re given perfectly tuned pipes in consecutive order, then they will always think that musical sounds are always perfectly pitched and "come" that way. 

A child can strike the individual tubes with a stick or a stone to create individual notes, but the very neat feature about this instrument is that when kids swipe their hands across all the tubes, the tubes swing into each other, thus setting off a series of resounding, random notes that sound just like wind chimes (but with much deeper sounds).! 

This unique Musical Fence is perfect for a music/sound garden because it teaches children about the randomness of sounds and notes, and that making "music" is up to them. 

For use inside or out.

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How much is the musical fence? I did not see a price? Is it put together upon arrival or do we need to put it together? Where can I order this? There were no order details any where.

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