fbpx When you want your playground cleaned... Who are you going to call?

When you want your playground cleaned... Who are you going to call?

Sat, 10/01/2005 - 2:00pm
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There’s a new playground sanitization service on the scene. It‘s the Playground Patrol, based in Minneola, Fla., and it is dedicated to helping you keep your playground sanitized and safe for children.

After seeing the need for cleaner playgrounds, David Dilena decided to do something about it. “If I take my kids to play, I’m going to the playground area with them, so I could see how important a clean playground is,” says Dilena. If you’re a parent, you’ve likely taken your own children in a playground area in an eating establishment, whether it is indoor or outdoor. There is a definite need to keep play areas clean, and Playground Patrol makes it possible for children to play in clean areas and for restaurant owners to have the play area cleaned for them, making it more convenient for them to offer a sanitized, ­child-friendly environment parents can be comfortable visiting as well.

Playground Patrol has a checklist employees follow that keeps the process uniform whether an indoor or outdoor playground is being cleaned. The process is completed from the top of the structures, through tunnels, down slides and right down to the surfacing using a low-pressure, high temperature steam cleaning process, which also involves the injection of Lysol brand disinfectant on the structures, nets, pole protectors, shoe storage area, and surfacing to aid in providing a bacteria-free play environment.

One advantage of the steam cleaning method is that the steam can go places and disinfect where a rag may not be able to reach, so it gets the dirt and grime in the joints out as well.  

Air conditioning vents are also vacuumed so dust and dust mites do not accumulate as they may with many play areas enclosed by tall windows.

Regular cleaning of play structures is not only important because of health reasons but to aid in reduction of oxidation, which can occur from exposure to elements in an outdoor area just as it does to a car if not­­­ washed and waxed regularly. Mold is another issue that can creep up in an area that is not cleaned regularly and not dehumidified.

Whether you have a play area in your restaurant, school, childcare facility, church or ­­­even an outdoor playground, you’ll want to check with Playground Patrol to see if they are cleaning in your area. Log on to www.playgroundpatrol.com or call 352-536-3516 or 866-577-PLAY to find out more.

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