fbpx Playground Guardian Releases New iPad Playground Inspection APP

Playground Guardian Releases New iPad Playground Inspection APP

Mon, 10/01/2012 - 12:23am
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Your property’s playground represents not only a long-term investment, but also a safe haven for children of all ages. If properly maintained, it can provide fun and exploration for decades.  Keeping your investment in peak condition can provide many benefits. Research shows a well-maintained playground could lower the risk of costly litigation, increase the life expectancy of your playground equipment, reduce complaints and most importantly, keep children safe.

Playground Guardian is a national playground inspection and maintenance company with three generations of industry experience. For more than 45 years its staff has designed, installed and maintained more than 5,000 playgrounds. They have also performed safety audits, low frequency inspections and ADA assessments on more than 500 sites.

In an effort to make inspecting and maintaining your own playgrounds easier than ever, Playground Guardian has just released an iPad and Android playground inspection application to be used in conjunction with its “Cloud Based” Park Protector Playground Management software.

Pad Playground Inspection APP

This allows you to use your iPad or Android wireless device and inspect your own playground in the field, including taking photographs for digital inventory and identifying safety issues. Once inspections are scheduled and downloaded to your device, you can complete an inspection without an internet connection and upload the data once you are back online. The APP can perform ADA assessments and high or low frequency inspections by asking the user easy questions requiring a simple “yes” or “no” response. No more paper forms or CDs of pictures to carry back to the office.

Park Protector is a web-based, password protected application that helps you monitor your entire playground system. This exclusive software ensures records are secure and easy to access from any computer with an internet connection.

Pad Playground Inspection APP

Park Protector, purchased on a subscription basis, provides you with an eco-friendly paperless record and reporting system, as well as a full list of printable reports that include:

  • Listing of all playground sites
  • Full inventory of playground equipment complete with photographs
  • Playground hazard identification and playground risk analysis
  • Playground inspection records and reports
  • Automated “To-Do List” and work orders for playground maintenance
  • Playground accident and playground compliant records

In addition to this exclusive web-based software and the newly released iPad inspection application, Playground Guardian provides a number of on-site services which include routine maintenance, high and low frequency inspections, comprehensive audits, surfacing impact testing and playground maintenance training. If your department is running low on its budget, you can ask about the company’s exclusive renew program where they can refinish old, worn equipment to look like new for a fraction of the cost of replacement.

For more information, call
(800) 438-2780 or visit www.playgroundguardian.com.


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