fbpx Eppley Playground Maintenance Technician Course-Seattle, WA

Eppley Playground Maintenance Technician Course-Seattle, WA

Wed, 03/15/2017 - 10:46pm
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The two-day Playground Maintenance Technician Program (PMT) focuses on practical playground maintenance practices, inspection principles and best practices in making repairs. This program does not focus on play theory or memorizing standards. Course modules explore the maintenance challenges associated with the common materials found in playgrounds, including concrete, metal, wood, plastics, fasteners and various surfacing materials. Through videos and case studies, participants learn about the types of playground inspections, how to repair damaged equipment and associated legal considerations. A virtual playground offers participants the opportunity to apply newly learned skills.

Participant Benefits:

Learn about materials! Learn how to maintain playground equipment made of metal, plastic, wood and concreteLearn by doing! Hands on learning which combines discussion and virtual environments to understand playground maintenance tasks

Learn about safety! Understand how to take damaged equipment out of service safely, keep proper records, and identify potential legal issues related to playground maintenance

Learn about surfaces! Learn how best to maintain unitary and loose-fill surfaces as well as fasteners and connectors

Resources to take back to your office! Receive a 250-page textbook, workbook, and upon completion, a Playground Maintenance Technician Certificate

Cost Effective! Train front-line maintenance staff at an affordable price

Ensure your equipment lasts through its useful life! Improve playground user safety and prolong the useful life of equipmentUpcoming Playground Maintenance Technician Programs.

For more information or to Host a course please visit playgroundmaintenace.org


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