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Harper's Playground How-to Workshop

Mon, 09/30/2019 - 4:10pm
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Kids on a swing at Harper's Playground

Harper's Playground, founded in Portland, OR in 2010, is a leader in a concept they refer to as "radically inclusive" design.  With a blend of nature scape and inclusive play features, they design play areas for all ages and abilities.  For the first time ever, they are hosting a How-To Workshop in their hometown to share their methods as well as some of their many playgrounds.

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Attendees will learn how to design, fund and build a naturally inclusive playground in their community. Everyone who attends will leave with more passion for this work as well as tangible tools to get it done.

3-Day Workshop

You’re gonna have fun and mix work with play. You’re gonna go home inspired and empowered to be a community hero and build a place where everybody can play. you’re gonna go home with real tools, design, funding, and process. give them actual real tools, work samples, sample design, sample budgets.

Get Empowered

You will learn the process and get all the tools you need to build your own Harper’s Playground in your own community step by step. You’ll gain real tools and real experience during this workshop.

You’ll go home with real tools, design, funding, and process. For a more in-depth view, visit the schedule page.

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