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Fire and Ice

Mon, 03/02/2015 - 10:00am
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Snow tunnel at Fire and Ice Event

Well, we’ve done it again. Another successful and fun Fire and Ice Festival at the Anarchy Zone and Ithaca Children’s Garden.

Anarchy Zone Fire and Ice EventThe “Hands-on-Nature” Anarchy Zone is one of the first of the US’s new Adventure Playgrounds inspired by the European model and filled with loose parts and trained playworkers— it’s a place where kids are free to climb trees, dig in the mud, built forts, cook over fires and much more. But it’s also a place where we have occasional events and celebrations.

We kicked off opening the Anarchy Zone by celebrating International Mud Day in June but celebrations and play are not for warm months alone. That’s right: we need play in winter just as much as summer (maybe more - winters in upstate NY are long and cold!) So with that in mind we started the Festival of Fire and Ice and this year, our third, was our biggest and best yet — over 700 people attended!

There was sledding, snowball fights, huge mountains of snow to climb on, caldrons of hot chocolate, marshmallow roasting, fire sculpture, ice laboratories, snow fort building, and when the sun set out came the fire hoola hoopers and fire jugglers. Yeah!! Take a peek.

Could you do this too? Even in warm climates you can make ice in freezers and make smores beside a fire. Give it a try. What better way to get through long cold winters than to have fun, play, and celebrate with family, friends, and community. (and fire!!)Bonfire at Fire and Ice Event - Ithaca Children's Garden   Roasting Marshmallows at Fire and Ice Event - Anarchy Zone

Playing in Snow at Fire and Ice Event - Anarchy Zone   Sledding at Fire and Ice Event - Anarchy Zone

Colored Ice at Fire and Ice Event - Ithaca Children's Garden Anarchy Zone   Fire Display at Fire and Ice Event - Anarchy Zone

Spinning Fire Display at Fire and Ice Event - Anarchy Zone

The Anarchy Zone

Rusty Keeler is an artist and play designer living among the hills and woods outside Ithaca, NY. Rusty worked as a playground equipment designer for BigToys in Olympia, WA and...